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45 Detection Max can expand 90 Detection walk through metal detector

Detection Max is a metal detector manufacturer that offers detection systems for the detection of metal objects. Detection Max has built a reputation for its high-quality, reliable detectors and for providing customer service through its 24/7 support team. Detection Max can detect most metals and alloys, including stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, iron and zinc.
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DongGuan Viking  Security Systems is a company that provides walk-through metal detectors for security checkpoints. The company was founded in the year 2014 and has since grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of walk-through metal detectors in the world.

The Viking main product line is called MaxxVision, which includes both manual and automatic versions. The walk through security metal detector  manual line is used by government agencies and law enforcement agencies to detect weapons from a distance; while the MaxxVision automatic line is used in airports and other high-security areas to detect weapons at close range.

Dongguan Viking Security Systems also manufactures an array of other products including chemical detectors, explosives detectors, luggage scanners, x-ray scanners and electronic keypads.

l Sensitivity – is used to define parameters for alarm metal object size. Raise the sensitivity; smaller metal objects can be detected.

l Discriminating – the ability for WTMD to distinguish metals (especial metal weapon) and other articles. WTMD alarm rate can indicate the ability to WTMD discriminating. It is affected by many factors, such as sensitivity levels, passengers’ body shape, season (temperature) and so on.

l Useless alarm – alarm caused by carrying harmless metal objects

l False alarm - alarm caused by the reasons other than by a metal object (such as electronic interference). For WTMD, the alarm caused by the metal objects (useful or useless) is not false alarms.

l Alarm rates - alarm times (caused by metal objects) / Passengers *100%. Alarm rate is affected by WTMD discriminating ability. If discriminating ability is poor, for example: there are many alarms caused by harmless metal objects, the alarm rate will be higher. Alarm rates don’t include alarms caused by electronic interference and other reasons.

l Pass rate - at a given time, maximum number of passengers allowed. Pass rate shows the WTMD recover ability after the former detect. In practice, due to the check process and the maximum walk speed and other factors, while the maximum rate is only for theoretical.

l Speed response –the ability for WTMD to maintain the same level of sensitivity, while inspecting passenger walk at different speed.  

l Calibration - in order to achieve optimum performance; set the parameter values for WTMD at the installation site.

l Side by side use - if two or more WTMD work side by side, their electromagnetic field will affect each other. Choose different frequency to reduce the interference.

l Operating Frequency - frequency generated by WTMD electromagnetic field. During the calibration at site, choose different frequencies at the lowest interference level. WTMDs can be installed side by side





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