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Airport Xray Scanner for Hand Bags and Luggage

1. No mater the threat is in vertical, horizontal or oblique angle; at least one view of the three can show you full image.
2. Wonderful scanning speed---one triple view X Ray device and take over the jobs of 2.5 single view X Ray device.
3. Cost effective compared with CT X Ray Device.
  • vx5030a
  • vikingdetector
  • 8543709100
  • Comprehensive leadership: First all-digital security inspection machine of China

  • from signal detection to image display, all signals are transmitted and processed digitally

  • with strong anti-interference ability and offer high definition scanned image

  • Unique system: with embedded Linux operating system

  • multi-core ARM, the system features a simple architecture, low power consumption,

  • energy saving and environmentally friendly, meanwhile it has a real-time status monitoring function to keep abreast of the device work process.

  • Safety and environmentally friendly: The equipment meets safety and environmental standards.

  • Stable and reliable: The production process is strictly controlled in accordance with the IS09001 quality management system. Through rigorous high-low temperature experiments,

  • wet heat experiments and vibration experiments, it is certified that the product runs continuously for more than 10,000 hours without failure.





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