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Airport security check x ray baggage luggage screening scanner

Baggagexraymachines are able to scan not only airport security bags but also parcels. We can supply, install and maintain a variety of xraymachines. These include the airport bag scanner, as well government buildings, mail rooms and prisons scanners. We also offer cargo xraymachines to those who need extra security.




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Security Check X-Ray Baggage Luggage Screening Scanner

The Airport Security Check X-Ray Baggage Luggage Screening Scanner is designed to inspect the contents of luggage and other baggage to find items such as weapons and explosives. The baggage scanner uses an X-ray machine to scan the contents of luggage and other baggage, while high-intensity light sensors detect metals, liquids, explosives, or other contraband material.

The airport security check x ray baggage luggage screening scanner is made up of two main parts: a conveyor belt and an X-ray machine. The conveyor belt moves the luggage past a detector that detects any metal objects inside the bag. As it moves along the conveyor belt, the X-ray machine takes pictures of all sides of each piece of luggage. These images are then analyzed by software that looks for specific shapes or patterns (such as a gun barrel). If something suspicious is detected by this process, an alarm will sound and security personnel will be alerted so they can search through the bag in question more thoroughly.

With the increased of terrorist attacks around the world, the need of screening solutions like X-rayscanners as well as X-raybody scanners, x-raybaggagescan become essential to ensure security the aviation security, customs inspections, and other crucial infrastructure.

Security xrays can identify all kinds of organic, inorganic and dangerous metals. The security xrayscanner throw low penetration of radiation to find metallic and non-metallic items hidden under clothing.

The x-raybaggagescanners we provide are created to be used in Airport and Business Hubs, Civil institution etc. Sometimes, human inspection will never be 100% secure screening, so the x-raybaggagescanner can quickly identify any undesirable or harmful substance, and ensure that only most secure baggage gets through. Offers many feature like high-resolution images, speedy deployment, and the best accuracy.

1. Alarm by light & sounds: If you are in compliance with the conditions, alarm by light and sounds.

2. Network interface:Could connect to local area network and also support multi-terminal baggage at the same time

3. Safety ray:Remit ray automatically controlled, avoids miss

4. Image monitoring is user-friendly. The monitor has a foldable and rotary system. This allows operators to adjust the monitor position according to their own needs.

5. Operation by mouse is easy: No keyboard or worktable, mouse control allows you to save space.

6. Turn off the machine using a key control. This only requires one step: Revolves the key. The equipment automatic security shut-down is not complicated and does not require many steps.

7. Eagle-eye. Could be useful in observing the area of enlargement.

8. Self-estimate malfunction

Tunnel Size: 500(W),x300(H),mm

Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s

Conveyor Max Load: 20 kg

Single inspection dosage:' < 1.5uGy

Wire Resolution: 0.01mm metal line

Steel penetration: 32MM armour plate

Film Safety for ISO 1600

Maximum leaked radiation: 0.3uGY/H


Orientation: Vertically upward

Tube Current: 0.4~1.2MA(adjustable)

Anode Voltage (adjustable: 100160 KV)

Angle: 80deg

Generator cooling/working hours: Sealed oil bath using forced air/100%





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