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Automatic passenger and alarm counting walk through metal detector

1. Exclusive patent, there is no interference and be able to

work normally when stick to X-ray scanner.

2. 9 operating frequencies, Multi- units can work together

closely at the same time without interference.

3. Made from strong impact-resistance material of ABSPCand aluminium alloy.

4. 6,12,18 zones selectable.

6. Inbuilt super bright LED indicators.

7. Automatic self-diagnostics and self-balancing environment.

8. Automatic passenger and alarm counting.

9. Over 30 application programs included, such as bank, hospital, prison,etc

10. Quick setting function to increase throughout : it's able

 to eliminate those safe metal objects,such as belt fastener,

 keys, jewelries.

11. Bright LED to indicate the traffic instructions.

12. water-proof design, indoor and outdoor use, IP43(optional)

13. external backup battery can last 20 hours (optional)

14. LCD menu.

15. Password protection, prevent any hostile change of

parameters by any unauthorized person.

16. Reserve interface for networking, turnstile, and access

control system (optional)

17. Harmless to human body, heart pacemaker , pregnant

women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc.

18. Conforms to the applicable international standards for

electrical safety and CE,ROHS,FCC.

  • VW-1688
  • vikingscan
  • 8543709100

Metal detectors are a commonly used and standard system for screening doors 

with built-in metal detectors, security vestibules, and access control portals. 

The detectors are installed in a programmable logic controller or a PLC, 

which sends signals to the door to open or remain locked if a weapon is detected. 

These systems may be set to discern only a razorblade from the minuscule.

Data Sheet:

Working Voltage: AC: 110V~220V

Working temperature:

-20℃ to +70℃ (-4oF to +158oF )

Relative Humidity: 0-95%

Passage Dimensions:

L513 X W750 X H2045 mm

External Dimensions:

L600 X W910 X H2181 mm

applications- school, sports event - emergency security work, conference, 

VIP protection - all places where high sensitivity metal detection is.






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