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Aviation Baggage Screening scanner x-ray

With the latest technology available, tunnel openings can now be quickly and securely screened for security purposes. This X-ray scanner provides high-speed results for those looking to improve their security experience. Whether seeking to test new construction Material or just need to check for potential vulnerabilities in an existing structure, this machine is perfect for the job.
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Aviation Baggage Screening scanner x-ray

Aviation Baggage Screening scanner x-ray is used for the detection of explosives, drugs and other dangerous items in checked baggage. It uses a high-speed photography system that takes pictures at a rate of approximately 1 million images per second.

The equipment consists of a set of cameras with various lenses that generate light beams of different wavelengths (infrared, blue, ultraviolet). The beams are combined into one light beam that passes through the object to be scanned. When an object passes through this beam, it creates an image on the monitor.

The device is operated using a control panel located on the operator's side of the machine. There are three buttons: "Start," "Stop," and "Clear." The operator must press "Start" before placing any object into the area between two cameras. When an object has been placed into this area, it must be pressed down until it reaches its maximum height (approximately 5 cm) so that it does not obstruct another object placed there later. Then it should be released from below to ensure that it does not fall onto another object placed there later.

Tunnel Size : W656mm x H501mm

Speed : 0.20 m/s

Height of Transmission Belt : 664 mm

Maximum Load : <100 kg (Adequate distribution)

Wire Resolution : 38 AWG (0.0787mm metal wire)

Space Definition : Horizontal ① 1.0mm \ Vertical ①1.0mm

Penetrate Definition : 34 AWG

Penetration : 34mm Steel board

Monitor : 19 inch LED

System Function : High density alarm, Explosive/Drug auxiliary detect, TIP, Luggage counter.

System running timer, X-ray emitting timer.

Training, 64 times continuous zoom in

Film Safety : ASA/ISO1600 standard of film safety

X-ray System

Tube Voltage : 140 Kv

Cooling : Seal oil cooling /100%

Single Inspection Dosage Rate : <1.0(i Gy

Radiation Leak Dosage : 0.1 Gy/h (5cm from the surface)



Installation Specification

Machine  Size :  1875mm (L) * 934mm (W) * 1300mm (H)

Package size  :2040mm (L) °1020mm (W) °1530mm (H)

Package Weight: 220KG Consumption : 1 kVA

Noise : 53.8 dB(A)






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