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Belt Conveyor Industrial Metal Detector best price

The Belt Conveyor Industrial Metal Detector is the best choice for your food safety inspection needs. It has a wide range, detects metal particles and free fall, and can detect stainless steel, metal contamination, and pipeline metal. The Belt Conveyor Industrial Metal Detector is an automatic reject machine that inspects production lines and is used in the food industry to detect metal particles in products or food products.
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Belt conveyor metal detector 

The VMD-F1 is a belt conveyor industrial metal detector with a wide range of applications in the food industry. It can detect metal, metal particles, free fall, stainless steel, and metal contamination. The product has been tested to meet or exceed international standards for food safety, including European Union (EU) requirements and FDA requirements.

The belt conveyor industrial metal detector is an automatic reject that monitors pipelines for high levels of contamination. The system can be used for production lines or inspection systems in industries such as the food industry, where products can be contaminated by foreign objects during processing or packaging.

Application of belt conveyor metal detector 

This product is built for wide use in a variety of applications including: food safety; food processing; product effect; production process; food processing; pipeline system; metal detection systems; inspection system; and industry metal detectors.

The Belt Conveyor Industrial Metal Detector is the best-selling, most versatile metal detector in the industry. It detects metal, metal particles, free fall, stainless steel and other metals, food products, pipeline metal and contaminants, as well as food safety concerns.

Production line and industrial processe metal detector 

This unit can be used to inspect a wide range of production lines and industrial processes to ensure that your products are not contaminated with metals that could be harmful to humans or animals. The Belt Conveyor Industrial Metal Detector also has an automatic reject function that will detect any contaminated items and will automatically stop processing until they are removed from the detection zone.

It is also ideal for use in food production facilities such as restaurants or food factories where there may be concerns about contamination with metals such as stainless steel or iron.The Belt Conveyor Industrial Metal Detector has been used by major companies such as Coca Cola, McDonalds and Burger King among others to help maintain food safety standards within their supply chains.

Auto Setting Belt Conveyor Industrial Metal Detector

Conveyor metal detector used to prevent foreign material exist in you packaging or production line 

Aprture 28 inches width*53/4"

110V-240Voltage optional 

FDA food grade conveyor belt optional 

SUS 304 rugged machine srtucture 

Optional IP67 Grade waterproof meet high moisture prodction line 

Highly immune to environmental interference 

Easy to clean and inspect 

Optional heavy load ablity (Regular 25KG) 

1. Inspection window size:

Customized inspection window size :

Height 15cm,width 25cm

2. Sensitivity: Diameter of 1.0mm steel ball, Diameter of SUS 3.0-3.5mm Non-ferrous 3.0mm, weight of 1.2-1.5g Lead, copper and other globular metal at normal window size

3:  Electrical source: AC110V/220V/380V 50/6 0Hz.

auto setting belt conveyor metal detector

Packing and shipment

Full machine takes of two layer package

Prepackage takes of plastic bags conveyor the full machine and the key parts have foam plastic protection

Eng package takes of Strong ploy wooden case that meet different country import standard

Installation and use

When you takes of the package .up the rubber base ,use wheel move it to your work place.

Then down the rubber base and fasten it..keep all the base in a horizontal

Then running the machine few hours before  use ,No need complex installation .

The user guide will make in book and Videos for customer reference .





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