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Best security scanner arch metal detector walk through gate

Metal Detector Gate

The metal detector gate is a security scanner designed to detect and stop objects that contain metal. It is used in a variety of industries, including airports and other locations where security is paramount. The metal detector gate works by sending an electromagnetic field through the object it is scanning, which attracts any pieces of metal in the object. The metal detector gate can then determine whether or not there are any items that are considered dangerous and prevent them from entering the area where they might cause harm.

Arch Metal Detector Gate

An arch metal detector gate is a type of metal detector gate that uses an arch-shaped antenna to identify any dangerous items on a person or in their belongings before they are allowed access into an area where they would be unsafe.
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Best Security Scanner metal detector gate 

This excellent product has very neat features and its performance is good. Nowadays, most of the market is full of different types of products. As a result, it is difficult for users to select the best security scanner from underground markets. If you want to buy best security scanner, then this product can be your first option.

The best security scanner is one that gives instant results, is fast and easy to use and has a clear, concise display which is easy to read. The biggest problem with these devices is that they do not work very well in the dark, so if you need to use them for security at night then you will need to make sure that they are visible in some way. Some models even have LED lights which allow them to be easily seen even when there is low light or darkness.

Metal Detector gate with Motion Sensing Technology

Advanced X-Ray Detection: you will be able to detect non metallic objects such as foil, gel pens, coins and jewelry etc.

This is a metal detector gate

also known as a security scanner or arch metal detector. It's designed to detect objects that could cause injury or harm to people or property. The device works by sending electromagnetic waves through the air and detecting any objects that interrupt these waves. If an object interrupts the electromagnetic waves, the device will signal an alarm.

This particular device has a top of the line sensor system that allows it to detect even small objects—like keys or coins—that have been placed on the floor. The device also has three different modes: passive mode (no alarm), active mode (alarm), and passive-active mode (alarm if there is any movement). The passive-active mode can be used for crowd control or when there are many people coming through doors at once.

Application of metal detector gate 

This type of scanner is commonly used in airports, schools and universities, banks, shopping malls and other places where security needs to be maintained at all times.

Detecting target: 

Contraband goods,more magnet metals;

Size and features 

●  Vertical outside size:2250x850x500mm;

●  Tunnel Size:2051x710x500mm(Width customized range 700~1500mm);                    

●  Fold size:889x606x484mm;                     ●  Package size:948x666x525mm;                  

●  Working humidity:99%,no condensing;          ●  Working temperature:-40℃~85℃;                                

●  Power supply method:Config polymer batteries, last time can be 8、16、24、48、72hours and can be selected;

●  Input:AC 110V~240V/50HZ~60HZ                 ●  Output:DC 12V/5A    12W

●  Weight:N.W 42KG,G.W 50KG;





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