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Big Size X Ray Baggage Scanner For Cargo And Luggage Inspection

Big Size X Ray Baggage Scanner For Cargo And Luggage Inspection

X-ray baggage inspection is widely used in the airport, railway station, prison, police and other places. The machine is mainly used for the inspection of luggage and cargo. The new model has many advantages such as light weight, small size, easy to carry and so on.
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Big Size X Ray Baggage Scanner For Cargo And Luggage Inspection

X-ray baggage scanner is the best choice for inspection of cargo and luggage. It can be used in many industries such as aviation, food industry, hospital, ports, airports and more. It is a big size x ray baggage scanner with large screen for easy operation. The radiation dose is very low, which can ensure safety for the operator. With its high sensitivity, it can detect small objects such as metal products like razor blades or metal wires in hand luggage or even a gun in your bag.

The x-ray baggage scanner is suitable for checking luggage at any point of entry or exit to ensure security. It can also be used to inspect luggage when entering or leaving the country through railway stations or airports. It is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to transport and store in small spaces without compromising on performance.

X Ray Generator:

Beam directionDownward
Beam angle80 degree
Anode voltage160kv
Anode power0.5mA
Cooling / Duty CycleOil Cooling /100%

General specification:

Tunnel Size                                  1000(W)*1000(H)mm
Conveyor Speed0.22m/s
Conveyor Max Load200kg
Dose per Inspection<1.5Gy/h
Resolution< 0.0787mm Copper Wire
Spatial Resolution LevelDia1.0mm
Verticalesolution Level: Dia1.0mm
Vertical: Dial1.0mm
Penetrate resolution32-34mm
Film SafetyGuarantee ISO1600 Film
X-ray Leakage<0.5 μ Gy/h (at a distance of 5cm From external housing)

Packing and Shipment:

Packing details

carton packing, two cartons

Carton size: (L)1150*(W)900*(H)1450mm

Carton Size: (L)2440*(W)1450*(H)2000mm

Total Gross Weight:1070kg

Payment terms

T/T, Western Union, Cash,L/C

Shipping methods

By air   (5-7days, most expensive)

By express (3-7days, more expensive)

By sea    (15-28days, cheapest)

X Ray Image:

X-ray Sensor                      L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-energetic), 12bit Deep
MonitorHigh Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 17 inch
Image ProcessingEdge enhancement, image strengthening, image lightening, , reducing darkening, image returning, image retrieval.
Image Grey Level4096
Image Max Resolution1024 * 1280 pixel
Image Processing24bit for processing real time
Image storageStorage 60000 pictures in real time
Zoom2, 4, 8, 16 Times Enlarge, Whole screen continuous observation
Multi-energetic distinguish objectsOrganic objects in orange, inorganic objects in blue, mixture in green
High-energy/low energySwitch from high energy to low energy
AdavantageAssist to detect drug and explosive powder

Installation Data:

  1. Operation temperature/Humidity: 0º C-45º C/20%-95%(non-condensing)

  2. Storage Temperature/Humidity: -20º C-60º C/20%-95%(non-condensing)

  3. Operation Power: 220VAC(± 10%)50± 3Hz

  4. Power Consumption: 1.0 KW (max), 0.7KW(working)

  5. Noise: <58dB.





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