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Body scanner walk through metal detector gate

 Applicable scope

 1) Airports, customs houses, ports, railroad or bus stations for safety check-up.

 2)Courts, police stations, prisons and so on for checking banned metals.

 3)Important sites, exhibition halls, business centers, celebration sites, stadiums etc for entrance check-up.

 4)Hardware, electronic, ornament, coinage and other important industries for preventing valuable articles from missing.

 5)Nightclubs, cinemas and theatres, ballrooms, song and dance halls, bars etc for checking dangerous materials.

 6)Banks, post offices, hospitals, public buildings, schools, and private houses for checking dangerous materials.

  • VW-6D
  • vikingscan
  • 8543709100

1)Six detecting areas

Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas accurately ascertain the location of the metal articles.

2) Instruction of alarm area

There is an instruction light in alarm area which point to the different height of a person on the mainframe box, and equipped sound, it is so clear at first sight that rapidly promote work efficiency.

3)Strong anti-interference capability

Digital circuit design prevents from missing alarm, and have strong anti-interferendce toouter surroundings

4)Counting and statistic function

Intellectual rate of flow of passer and alarm counter can calculate the number of passer and alarm times.





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