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COVID--19 Screening & Temperature Scanning Solutions walk through thermal scanner

Looking for a walk-through thermal scanner to help you screen and temperature scan products? Look no further than COVID.
  • LcD5156A-TI

  • vikingdetector

15.6-inch Screen Thermography Body Temperature Check Door (LcD5156A-TI)

Thermal imaging, metal detection and temperature measurement integrated door supports split screen, fast temperature measurement, long distance, high sensitivity, accurate detection. Can avoid personnel detention, safety detection. Temperature measurement face security gate can measure the non-contact temperature through thermal imaging, and establish the first line of defense through the accurate matching of personnel and temperature; and can conduct metal detection; integrating temperature measurement and metal detection.

Technical Parameters 1.11


1. Resolution: 2 million pixels 2. Number: 150 ~ 200 3. Pass rate: 0.4m/s~1.2m/s 4. Internal channel size: 2000x700mm

5. Overall external size: 2200 (H) x840 (W) x500 (D) mm 6. Power consumption: <30W

7. Operating voltage: AC110V / 240V, 50 / 60Hz temperature range: (ambient temperature + 5°C) ~ (50℃) 8. Working ambient temperature: -20℃ - + 45℃

Product features

1. No-inductive temperature measurement, until the normal speed of security personnel to pass the security gate without residence, for long-distance human temperature detection of 1.5m~5m

2. The safety temperature is set to establish the first line of defense. 3. The default 15.6-inch screen displays the number of people and abnormal temperature statistics. 4

5. Modular module design: Convenient transportation and maintenance 6

7. Camera + embedded motherboard + black body integrated structure, no configuration of the computer, directly connected to the monitor can display and various operations 8. No computer, directly connected to the monitor

10. Accurate hip temperature algorithm measurement, filter the impact of background high temperature. 11.

Applicable occasions:

Public security government, transportation hub, enterprise parks, office buildings, schools, hospitals, cultural scenic spots, large-scale security activities and other large traffic scenes.





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