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Food Grade Checkweigher for Frozen Package

Our Food Grade Checkweigher for Frozen Package is a must-have for any food business. Using this device, you can accurately measure the weight of your frozen products and ensure they are up to food safety standards. The package comes with everything you need to get started right away, including a scale, temperature probe and instructions.
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  • vikingdetector

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Food Grade Checkweigher for Frozen Package

The Food Grade Checkweigher for Frozen Package is a highly accurate tool that can help you measure the weight of frozen food packages. It's used by food processors and other people who need to accurately measure the weight of packaged foods.

weight range of food grade checkweigher 

The Food Grade Checkweigher for Frozen Package can measure packages with weights ranging from 0.01 grams up to 50 kilograms (110 pounds). The device is suitable for use in packaging plants and other facilities where accurate weighing is important.

It features an easy-to-read display that shows both grams and kilograms, and a keypad that allows you to enter your own values quickly and easily.

 viking detector series checkweigher 

vikingdetector offers combination scales built for washdown environments. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions and below-freezing temperatures where condensation can form on surfaces. Polygon-shaped buckets provide greater access to corners for easier cleaning.

vikingdetector has a unique ability to accurately weigh IQF products without allowing frost build-up to impact weights.

High speed check weigher 

High-speed models are available and vikingdetector multihead weighers can be paired with VFFS, HFFS, or multiple-point discharge packaging machines such as tray, cup, bowl, and thermoform machines for various package styles and sizes.

vikingdetector checkweigher can weigh:

Frozen fruits

Frozen vegetables including mixed vegetables

IQF meats, poultry, and seafood

IQF appetizers and finger food like pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks, etc.

And more





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