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GC-2007 hand held gold pinpoint metal detector

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hand held gold pinpoint metal detector

This hand held gold pinpoint metal detector is a must-have for anyone looking to explore the world of treasure hunting.

Gold and siliver pinpoint metal detector 

The GC-2007 can be used to find gold, silver, and other precious metals that have been buried in the ground. It's easy to use, lightweight, and reliable. With this device, you can quickly find the spot where your treasure is buried and start digging.

This device has been field tested by professional treasure hunters who have found gold coins and bars worth thousands of dollars. They say it works as well as more expensive models but costs much less.

The GC-2007 uses both VLF (very low frequency) and Pulse Induction (PI) technology so it will detect all types of metals including gold jewelry and silver coins as well as larger objects such as scrap iron or copper wire buried deep underground beneath layers of dirt, sand or rock debris.

GC-2007 Pinpointer

GC-2007 Pinpointer is a handheld metal pinpointer with high sensitivity. It can work in door, on sand, lawn, in soil. It can detect various types of metal object, such as coin,gold,silver , relics,Jewelry. This pinpointer is versatile and easy to use . it’s small and exquisite.

1.LED, audio and vibrating indications

2.Bright LED flashlight for use in darkness

3.Sensitivity: 3.5-4cm for US quarter

4.Power: 1x 9V battery (not included)

5.Packing size (50pcs/CTN): 495X245X300 mm





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