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GC101H handheld metal detector wand

The handheld metal detector wand is a simple, yet effective tool that can be used to find metal in places where it's not immediately obvious. The wand will emit a tone when it detects metal, and the user will then have to locate the source of the sound. The wand is typically used by people looking for lost keys or coins, but can also be used by law enforcement officers and other professionals who need to search for hidden weapons.
  • GC-1001h


  • 202301271034

handheld metal detector wand

  1.  product introduction:

The handheld metal detector wand is a new and improved version of the standard handheld metal detector. It is used to detect any metal objects that may be hidden in clothing, bags or other containers. The device works by emitting an electromagnetic field and then measuring any changes in this field as it passes through potential targets.

The wand will display an audible signal when it detects a metallic object, so you can be confident that you have found what you are looking for. This tool will help to speed up your search process, allowing you to identify any potentially dangerous items before they can cause harm.


 The GC101H multi-function hand-held metal detector is easy to operate and can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden in the human body, including small tools, box-shaped tool holders, jewelry, electronic components and so on. Suitable for airports, customs, terminals, banks, public buildings, prisons, stadiums, hospitals, schools, etc. This detector is durable, workmanship, light weight and easy to carry. Its detection area is large and the response is rapid. The special vibration alarm function is convenient for public use.

2.functional characteristics:

    1)Can detect all kinds of metal objects: including metal and non-metal

    2)Freely switch between audible alarm and vibration alarm

    3)Easy to use, three gear positions: open key, audible alarm key, vibration alarm key

    4)Pre-set sensitivity, no adjustment required

    5)Low voltage indication

    6)Battery replacement is convenient

    7)With charging socket

3.technical parameters:

Ø Alarm indication: continuous yellow LED: detected target

Ø Alarm signal: sound mode buzzer and red LED

Ø Flashing green LED: starting up

Ø Vibration mode vibration and red LED

Ø Flashing red LED: low voltage indication

Ø Temperature: 15-45 ° C

Ø Frequency: 30KHz

Ø Reset time: 0.5 seconds, automatic

Ø Safety: it’s harmless to heart-worn wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, video tapes, etc.

Ø Battery: 9V alkaline or lithium battery; battery life is 3040 hours (lithium battery); 28 hours (alkaline battery)

Ø Warranty: One year warranty, more than the warranty period, the maintenance costs and electronic components costs.

Ø Size:77*26*375mm

Ø Weight:225g(exclude battery)

Ø Packing: 1pcs with instructions into the packing box, 20pcs into the carton.

Ø Carton Size: 40X34X22cm

Ø Gross weight: 6 kg





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