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Garment industrial broken needle detector for ferrous

Newly design twin sensor head with different angle
The newly designed twin sensor head are set at different angle to achieve precise detection
Blue back LCD panel
Improved visibility&operatively Optional touch screen
New sensitivity level monitor
Unique new monitor provide more detail detection result
Conveyor reverse function
Conveyor reverse function will be helped for easy operation
Products counter .alarm counter
  • KNH-900S
  • vikingdetector
  • 8543709100

General Specifications

● Equipped with Branded chips for digital signal management, it can analyze the different channel signals and improved the detection reliability.

●Special inducing design in the detection field, the sensitivity and anti-disturbance ability are greatly improved, and it is not disturbed by the environment.

● Unique inducting design of balanced magnetic field to meet the needs of different clients, especially for the detection of garment accessory.

● With digital display in Chinese, touching screen of films. It is convenient for operation and management.

● The perfect combination of powerful functions and simple operation is also a friendly philosophy of design.

● Equipped with the intellectual location displaying system, which can indicate the location of the needle.

● The intellectual counter system can calculate the qualified and unqualified objects amount.

● Equipped with safe lock only, which can lock the sensitivity, so that it is convenient for management.

● Digital sensitivity regulation, the induction strength can show the disturbance and Iron content.

● Equipped with light control automatic alarm and automatic power off function.





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