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High Speed Conveyor Dynamic Check Weigher for Seafood Processing

The High Speed Conveyor Dynamic Check Weigher is a new technology that has been developed and built by [company name] to help the seafood processing industry improve their production efficiency.

With this new technology, seafood processors will be able to increase the speed at which they can process fish while also improving their yield and quality. This will also help them meet growing consumer demand for high-quality seafood products while also reducing waste.

The High Speed Conveyor Dynamic Check Weigher works by weighing each piece of fish as it passes through a conveyor belt system at high speeds, ensuring that only valuable pieces are processed while the rest are diverted into a separate bin for recycling or disposal.

This machine is designed for use in both fresh-water and saltwater environments, so it can be used in any facility where fish processing takes place.
  • CVW-2015g

  • vikingdetector

High Speed Conveyor Dynamic Check Weigher for Seafood Processing

The high speed conveyor dynamic check weigher can be used to measure the weight of the seafood during processing, such as crab, shrimp and other aquatic products, and can also be used to measure the length of the seafood. The raw material is fed into the machine by a conveyor belt. The checkweighing device is installed on each side of the conveyor belt, and it works with a high-speed camera to capture images of every piece of product that passes through.

Due to its high-speed operation (up to 200m/min), this system can quickly identify missing or extra pieces in a batch of seafood products. It uses LED lights to illuminate each piece of seafood and then captures an image using an infrared camera. The software automatically processes the images taken by the camera and calculates the weight based on known dimensions for each type of seafood product being measured.

vikingdetector’s unique weight checking technology allows scales to fill by product count as low as one piece per package.

vikingdetector offers washdown scales that help you maintain production sanitation standards necessary in the food industry. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions and below-freezing temperatures where condensation can form on surfaces. Polygon-shaped buckets provide greater access to corners for easier cleaning.

Our semi-automatic weighers are ideal for fixed-weight packaging of lobster tails, fish fillets, and other large seafood pieces or fragile products.

vikingdetector checkweigher can weigh:

IQF fish sticks

Fresh shrimp

IQF shrimp

IQF salmon or other fish fillets



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