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Hotel Use Small Size X Ray Bagagge Scanner

odularity: The internal circuit structure of the device adopts the modular design idea. Through reasonable layout design, the anti-interference ability of the equipment is improved to ensure stable operation and convenient maintenance.

· Digitization: The hardware system adopts the latest ASIC full digital design, and the analog acquisition scheme optimizes the circuit design. It has the characteristics of high integration, strong anti-interference ability and clear imaging effect.

· Intelligent: The software system integrates RTOS real-time image processing system, TIP dangerous goods insertion, dangerous goods auxiliary alarm, remote control management, image fast backup and other practical functions;

· Automation: system integration one-button switch machine, infrared energy-saving induction, emergency alarm prompt, fault self-test and other functions;

· Specialization: User-friendly system operation interface, convenient and practical image processing function and customized special security keyboard to create a professional user platform.


  • B5030
  • vikingscan

X ray baggage scanner Basic parameters


Tunnel size: 505 * 305mm (width * height)

Conveyor speed: 0.22 m/s

Conveyor load: 120 Kg (even load)

Wear: > 8 mm steel

Line resolution: > 38 AWG

Spatial resolution: horizontal / vertical Φ 1.0mm


baggage X-ray Generator


Control interface: analog interface

Tube voltage: 140 ~ 160 KV (adjustable)

Tube current: 0.6 ~ 1.2 mA (adjustable)

Cooling method: sealed oil cooling, industrial fan cooling

Work cycle: 100%, no need to warm up

Protection function: over voltage, over current, over temperature protection

Radiation safety

 Airport x ray machine details 

Leakage rate: < 0.5μGy / h (5cm from the outer shell)

Single dose: < 5.0μGy

Safety: Safety for film, chip, and electronics

Radiation protection: The channel inlet and outlet adopts 0.5mmPb double-layer environmental protection lead curtain protection, and the main body adopts 2 ~ 6mm lead plate protection to ensure that the peripheral radiation of the equipment meets national safety standards.





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