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How do metal detectors work in food industry?

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How do metal detectors work in food industry?

According to Food Quality Assurance & Inernational Food Safety  

All viking food metal detector (Ferrous Non-ferrous.Sus Detection )/

working principle as :

  • electromagnetic coils are built exactly fixed in a metal detector head frame 

  • The  metal detector head center coil is connected to a high-frequency radio transmitter.

  • Two transmission-receiving coils sit on either side of the center coils of a metal detection 

  • two outer coils are identical and the exact same distance from the center

  • When two coils  of metal detector receive the same signal and produce an identical, balanced output voltage.

       when a particle of metal passes through the system,The metal detection will sense it and sent singal to control PCB 

  • The high-frequency field is disturbed beneath one coil, changing the voltage and disrupting the balance.

  • The output fluxes from zero, producing a signal alerting the system to the presence of metal.

  • Depending on the specifics of the system, a rejection mechanism is generally activated,

  • with the ideal result of removal of 100 percent of the metal and a minimum amount of salable product.

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