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How does walk through metal detector work?

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Most walk through metal detectors use either pulse or continuous wave technology.

Such as Garrett Walk-Through Metal Detectors Especially Garrett PD 6500i

When a walk through metal detector turn on the electromagnetic wave  passed through a copper wire coil, which creates an electromagnetic field.

The electromagnetic wave lunch from left panel to right panel of door frame .  As metal passes through this field, sensors detect the reflected magnetic field from these metal objects. meanwhile there have two pairs installation on each panel of walk through metal detector .The infrared sensor is to make sure alarm accurate .

This magnetic field then reacts with the receiver coil, which, in turn, triggers the alarm.

This is where the capability range of metal detectors can be seen.

In traditional  some metal detectors can only sense ferrous (iron-based) objects, others have the ability to detect non-ferrous metal objects.

Now viking High-end door frame archway metal detectors have the ability to sense smaller objects, while some cheaper models have less sensitivity and can only detect larger ones.

When an object is found, an alarm sounds and indicator light strips activate, indicating where the object is. This is where higher-end models shine as well. Cheaper units usually only indicate 6, or 10 zones, while the strongest ones can accurately pinpoint up to 33 zones or more.

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