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Identify harmful objects in X-Ray image of baggages screening machine

Description: The X-ray Machine for Security is quick and easy to use, making it perfect for securityporate needs. It uses the latest in radiation detection technology, allowing you to quickly detect Uni X-ray 2022. With this machine, you can keep your business safe from potential threats.
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X-Ray image of baggages screening machine

There are a few different types of harmful objects that can be found in X-Ray images of baggages screening machine. The first is a knife, which looks like a long, thin object with sharp edges. There are several different ways to identify this type of object. The first is by looking at the shape of the object itself and comparing it to other objects in the image. If it is circular or oval shaped, then it could be a knife. Secondly, you can look at how close the object is to other objects in the image. If it's very close to another object, it could be dangerous for your employees if they were to touch it or cut themselves on it. If an employee touches a knife and cuts themselves, they could get hurt and need medical treatment because there's blood present on the knife itself. This is why we recommend that you avoid having knives near where people will be working or around where people may fall into them when walking around on their own accord (for example if someone trips over something).

The next type of harmful object we encountered was something called a "dart." These are small projectiles that are shot out from somewhere within the machine itself and travel towards where your employees work without them knowing what hit them until afterwards when they realize they

Tunnel Size : W656mm x H501mm

Speed : 0.20 m/s

Height of Transmission Belt : 664 mm

Maximum Load : <100 kg (Adequate distribution)

Wire Resolution : 38 AWG (0.0787mm metal wire)

Space Definition : Horizontal ① 1.0mm \ Vertical ①1.0mm

Penetrate Definition : 34 AWG

Penetration : 8mm Steel board

Monitor : 19 inch LED

System Function : High density alarm, Explosive/Drug auxiliary detect, TIP, Luggage counter.

System running timer, X-ray emitting timer.

Training, 64 times continuous zoom in

Film Safety : ASA/ISO1600 standard of film safety

X-ray System

Tube Voltage : 150 Kv

Cooling : Seal oil cooling /100%

Single Inspection Dosage Rate : <1.0(i Gy

Radiation Leak Dosage : 0.1 Gy/h (5cm from the surface)



Installation Specification

Machine  Size :  1875mm (L) * 934mm (W) * 1300mm (H)

Package size  :2040mm (L) °1020mm (W) °1530mm (H)

Package Weight: 220KG Consumption : 1 kVA

Noise : 53.8 dB(A)


X-ray Machine for Security -Quickly Detect Uni X-ray 2022





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