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Industrial metal detection with tunnel for wooden and log processing

The Large Aperture Metal Detector handles extra heavy duty projects, such as recycling, forestry, coal processing and more, with its 2.6 ft – 14.8 ft.
  • VMD-4W
  • vikingdetector

Applications of metal detectors: Quarries, Lime works, Clinker works, Sand pits, Cement factories, Slag processing, Building material recycling, Brickworks, Coal-burning power stations.

•Digital signal processing:Every data is controlled by Microprocessor. Signal processing is fulfilled by the digital circuit which is easy for adjustment, stable and reliable. To stop mistaking in transmission & reception in advance, the detector handles many operations. Easy to adjust the detecting parameters.

Detection signal shall be sent out when metal signal is detected, and then the elimination device shall eliminate the object with metal impurities or send out sound-light alarm stop signal.

Has the function of one-line signal display. When metal substance is passing through, the signal level indicator shall display different induction intensity according to the size of metal.•

Product memory:Memory function for registering various products (Max. 12 Items).Each product information is input in advance for detecting many kinds of product. Then operator can inspect every kinds of products if operator loads each product information.

•High immunity against vibration & product metal effect:Operator can check if the detector cope with product character and if the detector detect smoothly without mis-operating caused by great impact or vibration.

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