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Low Cost Hotel Use Security Checking Baggage Scanner

The Low Cost Hotel Use Security Checking Baggage Scanner is a new and innovative product that can be used to detect explosives and narcotics in luggage. It does so through the use of millimeter wave imaging technology, which allows for the detection and identification of metallic objects. This device can also be used in conjunction with other security checks at airports, such as full body scanners and ray machines.
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We have a wide range of security checking baggage scanners.

Our products include:

walk through and x ray baggage scanner is our most popular model. It is the perfect option for travelers who want to be sure they are not bringing anything dangerous onto an airplane. The scanner will detect any metal objects, including knives, guns and other weapons. It also scans for drugs and explosives through the use of x-ray technology. The machine can also scan for organic materials like shampoo bottles or cosmetics cases.

security checking - The security checking baggage scanner is designed specifically for small items like jewelry and electronics. It is also a great option for travelers who want to avoid having to remove all of their belongings from their bags. The scanner detects all types of metals including gold, silver and platinum with no problem at all!

[product name] - This device hits high tech with its ability to scan for millimeter wave imaging technology as well as organic materials like shampoo bottles or cosmetics cases!

1. Maximum machine dimensions (L x W x H)

220cm X 100cm X 150cm

Our present is 100X100cm

2. Minimum Tunnel opening (W x H)

50cm X 30 cm


3. Extension conveyor belts (bi-directional, low maintenance) length

Machine 1: 200cm each


Machine 2: 100cm each



4. Minimum weight to be supported by conveyor belt



5. Approximate Conveyor Speed



6. Leveling

Adjustable screw jack

levelling feet


7. Turn off by key control

By key


8. Two search tables

Two search tables and screen


9. Two test bags for simulation/training purposes

Can prepared the test  


10. Trays (small and medium, 20 of each)

Can prepare






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