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Luggage x ray scanning machine with 34mm penetration

3.1.1. With at least two projections (Dual View Technology).

3.1.2. Tunnel dimensions (width, height): not less than 600 mm x 400 mm and not more than 650 mm x

450 mm.

3.1.3. Potential Hazard * with auto-detection feature.

Definition * - refers to a hazard in the form of a high density of the explosive and / or the test object / item as a whole or a specific component thereof, where high density means a density of molecules that does not reach the required X-ray beam and requires additional inspection. .

3.1.4. Threat image projection software (TIP - Threat

Image Projection) with support and no less than 250 different dangerous objects / items

With a library containing 1000 images (LEPL - Order of the Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of September 20, 2016 №125, in accordance with Article 22, paragraph 6 of the Civil Aviation Security Training Program).

3.1.5. Operator Training Software Function (OTP - Operator Trening Program)

With support.

3.1.6. Ability for two-way scanning.

3.1.7. Image color: At least 4 colors.

3.1.8. Conveyor speed: not less than 0.2 m / s.

3.1.9. Operating system: Linux or at least Windows 7.

3.1.10. Luggage weight: not less than 150 kg.

3.1.11. Maximum radiation dose: not more than 1µGy / h (10 cm from the body).


 Checked and checked luggage receiving rollers: height and width compatible with X-Ray machine (corresponding to the height of the machine board and the width of the tunnel), in terms of length - from the luggage receiving side (front) - 150 cm ± 3% and the luggage receiving side (back) - 300 cm ± 3%.

3.2.2. Operator's desk dimensions (height, width, depth): not less than 65 cm x

80 cm x 50 cm and not more than 75 cm x 130 cm x 65 cm.

3.2.3. For each hand luggage tester:

• LCD or LED type 2 (two) monitors with screen size - not less than 21 ".

• 1 (one) table of the operator.

• Checked and checked luggage receiving rollers.

• Complete tech. Documentation.

• Mechanical key (s) of X-Ray device body (if any).

• Safety glass - 4 (four) units of protective bulletproof glass for each X-ray scanner (on both sides of the scanner tunnel, both on the inlet and outlet sides, as well as on the left and right sides). Glass dimensions - fully compatible with the proposed installations.





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