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M Scope Portable Walk Through Metal Detector

The model 9000 is a portable metal detector that can be used to detect metal objects in doors, frames and other areas. The [product name] can be used as a single zone detector or as a walk through metal detector.

The 9000 features an electronically controlled control unit which allows you to set the sensitivity of your detector. You can also adjust the scanning speed and the number of passes that are made by the scanner.

  • VMP-9000

  • vikingscan

  • 8543709100

M Scope Portable Walk Through Metal Detector

We're a company that designs and manufactures walk-through metal detectors.

Our machines are designed to be used in schools, hospitals, airports, and other locations where there are large numbers of people moving through the same space at once. Our machines are designed to detect metal objects that might be hidden in plain sight—such as wallets or jewelry—and immediately alert security personnel so they can focus on stopping any threats.

Vmp-9000 is a single-zone walk-through metal detector

The Vmp-9000 is a single-zone walk-through metal detector that detects objects within two feet of the machine's frame. It has a magnetic field that can detect metal objects up to one inch in diameter, so it's perfect for finding keys, ID cards, and other small items that might get lost in your pockets or purses. The unit also comes with an optional control unit that allows you to customize how much time it takes before the alarm sounds.

A single-zone metal detector is a type of metal detector which can only detect metallic objects. The magnetic field generated by a single-zone metal detector is strong enough to detect an object that is just a few millimeters away from the surface of the detector.

Single-zone metal detectors are useful for detecting and identifying small items such as keys and jewelry. Single-zone metal detectors are ideal in areas where there may be multiple doors that need to be checked simultaneously, like at banks or airports.

The main advantage of using a single-zone metal detector is that it can be set up anywhere without needing any additional wiring or power supplies. This makes them very easy to use, especially if you only have limited access to electrical outlets in your location.

Technical parameters:

1 working voltage: AC 100V-240V , consumption: <10W

2. ABS polycarbonate alloy – long-lasting against strong impact

3 .include battery (with AC adapter and recharging devices)

4. the rechargeable battery can work for 40 hours

5. designed to comply with standards: FAA, NILECJ-0601.00

6. EMC standard design



1. outer dimensions: 225cm*97cm*58cm (height * width * depth)

2. inner dimensions: 210cm*80cm*58cm (height * width * depth)

3. portable packing size: 107cm*66cm*71cm (height * width * depth)

4.Weight: net weight of one set: 35kgs; Gross weight: 48kgs



Environmental design parameters


• Indoor or outdoor use (not in inclement weather)

• Battery operated (includes AC adapter & recharge kit)

• Multiple units may work within close proximity to one another

• Temperature: -20 c to +70 c ( -4F to +158F )

• Relative humidity: 95% non condensing

• Protection class: IP55 UV protection






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