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MD-300 Hand Held security Metal Detector

The MD-300 is a hand held metal detector that can detect metal objects hidden in clothing and other items. The device uses a physical search method to locate the target item, which means it will scan an area around the person being searched and indicate whether or not there are any concealed items.

The MD-300 has two modes of operation: manual and automatic. In manual mode, the operator places the device on the surface of an object that is being searched for metal objects and then presses the button on the top of the device to start scanning. When an object is detected, an audio signal will sound and a green light will flash to indicate that there is something present. In automatic mode, once activated by pressing a button on top, the device begins scanning continuously until it detects something or its power runs out.
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MD-300 hand held security metal detector

The MD-300 is a hand held security metal detector that is used to detect metals on the body. The MD-300 is small and lightweight, so it can be easily carried by security personnel. It has a built in speaker and an LCD display that shows the detected metal type as well as its location on the body. The MD-300 has four modes of operation: high sensitivity for general use, low sensitivity for clothing searches, silent mode for covert use and mute mode for limiting false alarms.

The MD-300 can detect up to 15 different types of metals including: coins, rings, watches and belt buckles among others.

Technical of hand held security metal detector

1) Operating frequency: 20kHz

2) Weight: 272g (including the battery)

3) Size:

    a) Length: 420mm

    b) Width: 138mm

    c) Height: 110mm

4) Handle measurement: 30 x 30mm

5) Regulate the way: manual

6) Indicator: BZ, vibration motor

7) LED light proves: LED red warning indicator lamp, LED green

    insufficient indicator lamp, voltage indicator lamp LED battery of power

8) Battery: 9V battery (suitable for working for 40 hours normally)

9) Control: circulation switch (On, Off, a sound of light or mode of


10) Uses cycle-switch to switch sound alarm and hidden vibration alarm


11) Highly sensitive, detect ferrous and non-ferrous and stainless steel


12) Sound and light alarm simultaneously

13) Alkaline cell (7V-9V) can work over 40 hours and distance does not change

14) Warn automatically when short of voltage

15) Simple, convenient to use, easy to adjust

16) Detecting distances:

      a) 1/2 pin: 10mm

      b) Model 64 pistol: 150mm

      c) 6" dagger: 150mm

d) 8mm (diameter): 40mm

e) Aluminum & copper sheet: 10mm      

f) DIP14 IC (integrate circuit): 5mm

  g) Silver ring (1g): 40mm

h) Lead brick (1g): 30mm

models of hand held security metal detector 

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