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Metal Detection for the Food Industry - Overview by vikingdetector

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Why are metal detectors used in the food industry?

Metal detector for food ,we may called it food metal detector or conveyor belt metal detector Its a machine in food industrial  used for the purpose of consumer protection.

Despite maximum care metallic contamination of food products during the production.

Such as ferrous .Non-ferrous .Stainless 304 or stainless 316 .Someone called it ferrous metal detector or non-ferrous metal detector

Metal particles that may enter the product during the food production  or already are contained in the raw material

may cause serious injuries of consumers.

The consequences for the producing company are numerous and serious and include compensation claims and expensive recalls. Even bigger and longer lasting damage is caused by the negative brand image and the loss of consumer trust caused by impure food products.

Metaldetectorsforfoodindustry effective protection against ferrous and non-ferrous metals(aluminium, stainless steel, etc.). They can be installed in every step of the production process and can be used for  different applications.

For example the inspection of bread and bakery products, meat and sausage product, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, spices, sugar, etc.

Consider of  consumer protection, metaldetectorsalso are used to protect machinery. Even smallest metal particles can lead to machinery failure. Expensive repairs and production down times are the consequences, often followed by revenue decreases.

Why should a food processor consider a metal detector?

Some of the reasons are:

Product safety metal detector

Equipment protection metal detector

Contract (customer) requirement metal detector

Regulatory compliance metal detector

HACCP audit metal detector

IFS Audit metal detector

FDA audit metal detector

What kind of metal detectors that viking detector have suitable for food industry ?

Regular tunnel metal detector head(which can install on your available belt)

Normal digital metal detector (which can auto learning and setting different food parameter)

Inclined metal detector (which can used feeding upper food processing equipment)

liquid metal detector(This is pipeline design suitable for sauce or beverage)

Gravity metal detector(without conveyor but free fall suitable for power food )

Touch screen muti-frequency metal detector (High accurate and can detect aluminum foil package)




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