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Metal detection in a garment

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Metal detection in a garment is not only an essential quality assurance requirement but also provides a product safety solution which minimizes risk of legal action because of customer injury from a broken needle embedded in the garment. There are various levels of technologies available for needle detection depending on needs and scales of operations.

Viking series needle detector have hand held needle detector 

                                                       Tablet needle detector 

                                                       conveyor belt needle detector 

                                                       needle detector head(without conveyor ) 

vikingdetector type needle detector is the most advanced detection system, where inspection of finished garments is performed on the vikingdetectors, passing through a tunnel like structure fitted with sensors. This is a fully automated product handling system which minimizes manual handling and increases the rate of performing the task and can detect as minute as 1.0 mm steel, ensuring total quality control. The technology has adopted a newly designed detecting sensor and can cover trousers, jacket, and coats with great ease. The process is such that after putting the garment on the vikingdetector, the system automatically positions and carries it through the tunnel on a moving vikingdetector, detecting the impurity and then assorting the defected garment from the rest of the batch without stopping the machine. This facility of automatically assorting the defected garments is not available in the conveyor system where the belt stops on detecting the metal and piece has to be removed manually. It is easy to connect the vikingdetector type needle detector to manufacturing processes using vikingdetector system. The system is equipped with a display screen to indicate detected needle position and a counter, which keeps a check on the number of detected pieces providing aid in quantity management

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