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Metro Security Check Airport Security Scanners

Airport Security Scanner Manufacturers

Airport Security Scanners are a critical component of any airport security system. These machines are used to scan items such as hand luggage, checked baggage and cargo shipments in order to detect any potential threats that may be present on board an aircraft. They can also be used to detect explosives and weapons hidden within the body of an individual or object.

The use of these machines has become increasingly important over recent years due to the increased threat posed by terrorism and other forms of violence against the general public. For this reason many airports now employ these scanners in order to ensure that no dangerous items are permitted through their borders without being detected first.
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Airport Security Scanner Manufacturers

Airport Security Scanner manufacturers provide a wide range of scanners for passengers to use at airports. These are typically used to detect bombs, weapons, and other dangerous materials, but can also be used to detect contraband items such as drugs or illegal substances. The scanners are also able to detect organic material that may be concealed within luggage or other objects. Airport security scanner manufacturers provide equipment that is designed to work in a variety of conditions and environments.

The first type of scanner is referred to as an X-ray machine. This type of scanner uses low-level radiation in order to detect foreign objects within bags or other containers. It's important for these machines to be able to operate at high speeds without damaging any contents inside the bag (such as clothing). Another type of baggage scanner is referred to as a computed tomography (CT) scanner. CT scanners use X-rays in order to create 3D images that aid in identifying foreign objects within luggage or other containers; these images can then be analyzed by software programs which will determine whether any contraband items are present within the image file itself.

Basic Specifications
Penetration:30mm steel(140kV)
Wire resolution: 40AWG
Penetration resolution: 34AWG
Spatial resolution: horizontalФ1.0mm  
vertical Ф1.0mm
X-ray Generator
Generation direction:From bottom to top
Tube voltage: 140~160kV adjustable
Tube current: 0.4~0.7mA adjustable
Cooling/ duty cycle: sealed oil / 100%
Generation angle: 80 °
Image processing system
X-ray sensor: L-shaped photodiode
Monitor: 17-inch high-definition
LCD monitor





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