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Multi-frequency conveyor belt metal detector for meat food

The Multi-frequency conveyor belt metal detector for meat food is a new, high-quality and reliable product that can detect metal in food. It has an integrated inductive coil mounted on the conveyor belt, which can be used to detect the presence of ferrous metals such as iron and steel. The Multi-frequency conveyor belt metal detector for meat food can be used in industries including food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics and chemical industries.
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Multi-frequency conveyor belt metal detector for meat food

The multi-frequency conveyor belt metal detector is widely used in the field of food processing and cooking industry. It can detect the presence of metal objects on a conveyor belt, as well as measure their size, shape and density. These detectors are suitable for detecting all kinds of metals such as copper, stainless steel and aluminum. They are also suitable for measuring volume and weight accurately. The detectors are non-contact type which can be mounted on any vertical surface or horizontal surface. It can be used in production line for packaging materials, in transportation systems and other areas where there is a need to detect and measure large quantities of metal objects automatically or semi-automatically without human intervention at high speed with high accuracy.

FDS-MW-2022 metal detector for meat 

If you want to ensure that your food products are safe and free of contamination, a metal detector is an essential tool in the production process.

A multi-frequency conveyor belt metal detector can be used to detect metal, metal particles, free fall, stainless steel, metal contamination, food products, pipeline metal, food safety, production lines and more.

It is an automatic reject device for pipeline system that can be used for inspection system; it can be used in food industry.

Food industry can use a wide range of detection frequency ranging from 20KHz to 1MHz with a voltage output of 500V or less.


Construction: 304 stainless steel, brushed surface finish, all plastic parts meet FDA standards

Application: high precision requirements in the food industry

Operation mode: touch screen Operating

Environment: IP65/NEMA 4X, Flushable, -10 to 40

Power supply: 220V AC, single phase (grounded), 50Hz, 100 watts minimum Multiple coil technology for maximum sensitivity

Dual frequency dual gain selection

Three test samples (ferrous, non-ferrous, 316 stainless steel)

Icon operation, convenient for users

Built-in multilingual help files (Chinese operating system)

Built-in oscilloscope Blue epoxy seal channel, hygienic clean

Integrated power supply

Spare input and output fuse

User Manual

Reject signal output is not affected by metal size

0-100m speed accuracy is not affected

Technical parameter:

Product number


Specification type

Standard machine

Non-standard machine (customized type

Pass width (mm)



Passing height (mm)









Sensitivity Fe (iron ball)


Sensitivity No-Fe (non-ferrous)


Sensitivity SUS304 (stainless steel)


power supply

Single-phase AC220±10% 50/60Hz

Overall size (mm)

1350*780*1100 (length*width*height)

Machine material and process

Food grade 304 stainless steel, laser cutting all welding process

Conveyor belt length (mm)

1350 (can be customized)

Conveyor belt material

Food grade PVC tape (PU tape, plate chain optional)

Conveyor belt height (mm)

700±50(can be customized)

Conveying direction (facing the operation panel)

Left-to-right (requires right-to-left customizable)

Operating Screen/Language

LCD/Chinese and English

Auto setup function


Parameter storage quantity

100 kinds

Alarm method

Sound and light alarm, alarm shutdown (alarm light, optional rejection method)


90W motor

Load capacity


belt speed

25m/min (adjustable speed motor can be customized)

Total Weight



1. The above sensitivity parameters are the test results when the machine is empty without environmental interference. The actual application will be slightly different due to the use environment and the interference of the components of the detected object!

2. Other dimensions can be customized by consultation.

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Detail specifications 
Full SUS 304 Machine structure                                                                                                          FDA standard conveyorbelt                                                                                                                                                                        Belt height from earth 65cm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rejector system :Automatic stop With Buzzer and lamp alarming                                                                                                     onveyor belt speed : 25meters per minute                                                                                                                     Power Supply 110V or 220V  50/60Hz





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