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Muti-frequency Belt Conveyor Metal Detector for Food Industry

The Muti-frequency Belt Conveyor Metal Detector for Food Industry is an advanced, state-of-the-art metal detector that can detect metal particles and free fall in food products and pipeline metals. It can also be used to detect metal contamination. The Muti-frequency Belt Conveyor Metal Detector for Food Industry is great for detecting production lines, automatic reject, pipeline systems, metal detection systems, inspection systems, and more.

The Muti-frequency Belt Conveyor Metal Detector for Food Industry has a wide range of applications in the food industry. It can be used on raw materials, finished products, packaging materials, etc.
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multiple purposes metal detector in the food industry.

Our metal detector can be used for multiple purposes in the food industry. It can detect metal, metal particles, free fall and stainless steel. Our product is also able to detect metal contamination in the pipeline system.

This product has been tested extensively on a wide range of products and production lines. The results have shown that our product does not cause any damage to the food products or production process. This makes it ideal for use in food processing industries.

Our product is made from high quality materials which will last you many years of use before needing replacement parts such as belts or batteries!

The best part about our product is its ability to adapt to any size of pipeline system without having to change any settings or adjustments!

General features 

1. Multi-simultaneous frequency technology and digital signal processing ensure optimum detection through-out the entire aperture opening.

2. The coil technology utilized in branded supplier , provides for a short metal-free zone, thus allowing the use of shorter conveyor lengths.

 3.The conveyor belt The conveyor belt control unit can be configured with various reject systems that are designed to accommodate a wide range of products.

4.Our conveyor systems are designed to meet or exceed the industry guidelines, such as the International Food Standard

5.Optional use of Touch screen displays with intuitive navigation provide a quick and easy product set-up based on specific application requirements. Operating errors are virtually eliminated

6. A guided validation system enables quality control to be in compliance with HACCP, IFS and BRC standards.

7.Standard (Quick-fit) or customized (Custom-fit) models to fit any application

A wide range of widths, lengths and heights for flexibility

8. Fixed or variable speed operation to meet line specifications/preference(Regular speed 25 meter/minute)

9. Many options to fit your operation, standards and food safety level





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