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Odm luggage inspection X Ray Baggage Scanner For Hotel

baggage x ray Tunnel Size፡23'' (W) * 15'' (H) mm
luggage x ray Conveyor Speed፡ 0.22 m/s
x ray Conveyor Max Load : 170 Kg
x ray Conveyor Height : 80cm from the floor
Dose Per Inspection : < 1.4 μGy/h
Resolution : < 0.0787 mm copper wire
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Tunnel Size፡23'' (W) * 15'' (H) mm

Conveyor Speed0.22 m/s

Conveyor Max Load : 170 Kg

Conveyor Height : 80cm from the floor

Dose Per Inspection : < 1.4 μGy/h

Resolution : < 0.0787 mm copper wire

Special Resolution : Level: dia 1.0 mm, Vertical : dia 1.0 mm

Penetrate Resolution: Dia 0.254 mm

Penetration (Steel): 39 mm

Film Safety: Guarantee ISO 1600 Film

X-Ray Leakage< 0.05 μGy/h (GS a distance of 5 cm from external housing)

Construction: Stainless Steel

Direction : Bottom to up

Generator Angel:  80 degree

Anode Voltage: 160 KVA

Anode Current :1.2 mA

Cooling : Oil Cooling

Duty Cycle:100%

X-Ray Sensor : L-Shaped Photo diode Array (multi-energetic), 12-bit Deep

Monitor High Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 20 inch

Image Processing: Edge Enhancement, Image Strengthening, Image Lightening, Reducing darkness, Image Returning, Image Retrieval

Image Gray Level : 4096

Image Processing :24 bit for processing real time

Image Storage : Storage 150,000 pictures in real time

Zones and Zoom Observation: 1 - 9 image regions, 2, 4, 8, 16, times Enlarge, whole screen Continuous Observation

Multi energetic distinguish objects: Organic Object in Orange, Inorganic Object in Blue, Mixture in Green

High Energy/ Low EnergySwitch from High Energy to Low Energy Assist to detect drug and Explosive Powder

Material Separation: 6 color imaging based on Atomic Number

Operating Temperature/ Humidity: 00c-450c / 20%-95% (Non Condensing)

Storage Temperature/ Humidity: 200c-650c / 20%-95% (Non Condensing)

Operation Power: 220VAC (+10%) 50+3 Hz

Power Consumption :1.0KW (Max)

Noise: <58dB

Health and Safety

Centerfor Devices and Radiation Health Standards for Cabinet X-Ray System

Typical Radiation Leakage must be less than 0.05mR/hr

X-Ray Leakage meets all applicable laws and regulations with respect to X-Ray Emitting Devices

CE Labeling in compliance with directive 2004/108/EC, 2006/42/EC, 2006/95/EC

Standard Features

6 color imaging based on Atomic Number, Screener Assist Software, Threat Image Projection Software(TIP), Density Alert, Entry and Exit Roller Table of 0.5m each

Radiation Meter

Confirmation of Radiation meter type,  availability and serial number must be submitted

Access Control : Software and device will be added


The complete system should be guaranteed for a minimum period of One (01) year from the date of successful commissioning of equipment

Spare part

Bidder should confirm the type and availability of spare parts


The supplier should provide cost free intensive on-site training on operation and operator maintenance of the systems, immediately after the completion of installation and Detail Training content must be attached





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