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Package Dual View Luggage Scanning Machine For Stadium Event To Check Weapons

As stadium events continue to attract large crowds of people, the safety and security of attendees have become a major concern for event organizers. One crucial component of event security is the use of package dual-view luggage scanning machines. These machines are designed to detect weapons and other prohibited items that may pose a threat to the safety of attendees.
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How Package Dual View Luggage Scanners Work

Package dual-view luggage scanners work in a similar way to traditional X-ray baggage scanners. However, these machines are designed to scan smaller items, such as purses, bags, and backpacks.

The luggage is placed on a conveyor belt and moved into the scanner. The machine emits two X-ray beams that pass through the luggage at different angles, creating two images of the contents. The two images are then combined to create a more detailed and accurate image of the contents.

The X-ray image is detected by a sensor on the other side of the luggage and transmitted to a computer, which processes the image and displays it on a monitor. The computer uses algorithms and image recognition software to analyze the X-ray image and flag any potential threats or prohibited items.

If the X-ray image reveals a potential threat or prohibited item, the security officer may ask to further inspect the luggage or may take additional measures to ensure the safety of the attendees.

 Advanced Technology for Enhanced Security

Package dual-view luggage scanners use advanced technology to provide enhanced security at stadium events. They are highly sophisticated and can detect a wide range of items, including weapons, explosives, and drugs. The machines use multiple X-ray energies to penetrate different materials, which can help distinguish between organic and inorganic materials.

Some package dual-view luggage scanners are equipped with automatic threat detection software that can identify potential threats without the need for human intervention. This software can detect items such as firearms, knives, and other prohibited items.

Prohibited Items Detected by Package Dual View Scanners

Package dual-view luggage scanners can detect a wide range of prohibited items, including weapons, explosives, and drugs. These machines are designed to detect any object that may pose a threat to the safety of attendees.

Weapons such as guns, knives, and other sharp objects can be easily detected by package dual-view luggage scanners. Explosives, including those that are hidden in bags or purses, can also be identified by these machines. In addition, package dual-view luggage scanners can detect drugs, including cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

False Positives and Missed Items

Although package dual-view luggage scanners are highly effective at detecting potential threats, they are not foolproof and can occasionally produce false positives or miss certain items. False positives occur when the scanner flags an item as a potential threat when it is not. This can happen when an item in the luggage has a similar density to a prohibited item.

On the other hand, missed items occur when prohibited items are not detected by the scanner. This can happen when the item is concealed in a way that makes it difficult for the scanner to identify, or when the scanner is not calibrated properly.

To minimize the occurrence of false positives and missed items, package dual-view luggage scanners are regularly calibrated and updated with the latest software. In addition, security personnel are trained to identify potential threats and to perform manual inspections when necessary.

 Importance of Package Dual View Luggage Scanning Machines for Event Safety

Package dual-view luggage scanning machines are a vital component of event security measures. They ensure the safety of attendees by detecting potential threats and prohibited items. These machines are highly effective at identifying weapons, explosives, and drugs, which are all major security concerns.

In addition to providing enhanced security, package dual-view luggage scanning machines help to facilitate the flow

Viking x ray machines can reduce false alarms, increase security, and help customers drive down operating costs.

It is designed to eliminate the need to rely on operators or perform other manual tasks. This can increase overall detection rates, reduce processing times for passengers baggage, and offer the possibility of lower operating costs.


  • Powerful image dealing ability;

  • Accurate Z7-Z8,Z9 marking for explosives and narcotics

  • Windows 7 operating system

  • Automatic scan of scanned image

  • Friendly operation system

  • Reliable performance.

Technical characteristics

  • Duel energy penetration system;

  • TIP Program

  • Clear, distinct image

  • Scanned images can be zoomed up to 64x

  • Partly zoom as high as 3 times

  • 13 types of image processing functions, 6 types of pseudo-color;

Application field : Train Stations, Metro Stations, Jail Houses; Embassy; Boarder Check Points; Entertainment venues; Tourist Attractions; Office Buildings; Shopping Malls; Factories; etc.
This bag is suitable for security inspection of hand luggage, briefcases, and small parcels.

 General Specifications :

  • Tunnel size 653*505mm (W*H)

  • Conveyor speed 0.20m/s

  • Conveyor height 693mm

  • Max Load 170kg

  • Wire Resolution 38AWG

  • Spatial resolution vertical:diameter 1.0mm,horizontal:diameter 1.0mm

  • Penetration 35mm steel panel

  • Monitor 1 piece 21.5 in, High resolution 1280*1024

  • X Ray generator anode voltage 160KV (Working at 150KV)

  • Cooling/operation cycle Oil cooling /100%

  • X ray Dose per inspection < 1.14 USv

Image Processing :color/black&white image, Negative image, High Penetration and Low penetration, Super-enhancement. Check back/forward. Automatically save image.

  • Zoom Variable Zoom zooms up to X64 and supports continuous magnification.

  • Image Checking Continuous check back image

  • Capacity to store more than 100000 images

  • Radiation leakage less than 1 USV/h (about 5cm away) and in compliance with all radiation safety standards internationally.

  • Film safety according to ASA/ISO1600 filmsafe standard

  • System function F1,F2,F3, high density alarm,TIP/time,baggage count,baggage count,User Management, System timing, Radiation timing. Self-inspection during power on. Save and search image. Automatic maintenance and diagnosis system. Image Recognition Training.

Optional Function: Video surveillance system, LED prompt, bi-direction scan and voltage stabilizer.

Frame size 2043*901*1384mm (L*W*H)

Environment temperature/humidity - 3~+40 / 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Storage temperature/humidity -43~+60 / 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Power 220VAC (+/-10%) 50+/-3HZ
Consumption 0.7KVA
Noise Level <55db





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