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Police use super wand scan metal detector

Police use super wand scan metal detector

The Police use the super wand scan metal detector to detect concealed weapons, explosives and other metal objects. The walk through metal detector is also used by law enforcement officials in airports to check for explosives.
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Police metal detectors 

Police use super wand scan metal detector to detect and locate concealed metal objects such as guns, knives and other weapons. This type of detector works by sending out a signal that is then detected by the operator. The operator will then check to see if there are any hidden weapons on the suspect.

The police use this device because it is very effective at detecting concealed metal objects such as guns and knives. The operator can also use this device to find any other types of concealed objects such as money or jewelry.

Introduce of police metal detectors 

This type of device is used by police officers in many different situations where they must search for hidden weapons or other items that may pose a threat to the public safety. These devices can be used at schools, airports, shopping malls and many other public places where there may be people carrying concealed weapons or dangerous materials with them without their knowledge or consent."

The [viking] Super Wand Scan Metal Detector is a hand-held metal detector that detects metal objects hidden on the body, with a range up to 8 feet. It comes with a rechargeable battery, which can be used for up to 100 hours on a single charge.

The device uses an internal magnet to detect metal objects hidden on the body, such as guns and knives. The unit has a range of 8 feet, and it can detect objects as small as 1/2 inch in size. The wand's internal LEDs provide bright enough light for use in any weather conditions.

The Super Wand Scan Metal Detector includes a protective case that protects it from damage during transport and storage.

Application of police metal detector 


                     1) Airport, station, wharfs electronic detection inspection. 

                     2) Customs, public, security border and security departments’ safety inspection. 

                     3) Medicine, food quality inspection business system. 

                     4) Timber inspection nails, important places, playground safety inspection. 

                     5) Precious metals testing, such as gold and silver &artificial jewelry co, electronics factory 

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