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Portable Foldable security screening Door Frame Walk Through Metal Detector Gate

1.Modular construction for rapid deployment
2.40 Hours of battery life on a single charge
3.Intuitive three-zone detection and alarm status indicators, on both entry and exit sides
4.Audio alert with adjustable volume control
5.Intuitive, user-friendly control panel
7.Adaptable to virtually all environments and conditions
8.100 sensitivity settings with password protection
9.Adjustable rate alarm, transit and target counters records key statistical data
10.Ease-of-use facilitates “split cognition” freeing operator to monitor surrounding
  • 9000P
  • vikingscan
  • 8543709100
orking voltage :                                                                                                            AC 100V-240V
Power dissipation                                                                                                                    ≤10W
Standard configuration:                                    Battery 12V/7Ah/64.5mm*94mm*151mm (20 hours working time )
Gross weight :                                                                                                                         56 KG
Dimensions after disassemble :                                                               90*58*66( cm ), it equals a suitcase size
Digital I/O keypad with security access control, Brilliant LED Bar Graph Indicates
Target Strength, LCD panel.
Adjustable Volume Control
Memory Feature Stores Settings for the special environment
self test and Self calibration once power on
Memory for the last environment and power off voice prompt
Transportation convenience
Trends : Single person carry
Net weight : 90lbs
Install and disassemble  within 5 minutes
Single person setting:  High Efficiency : the special detection from the top to bottom
Three Sensor Zones with Brilliant LED
Adjustable sensitivity: (300 levels )
Designed by customers demand
Designed by environments using.
Indoor and outdoor using
It is made of  ABS Polycarbonate alloy material, strong impact resistance and permanent using.
Battery ( including the AC adapter and charger )
The battery can continuous working for 20 hours
The folded Dimensions :37″(0.9m)″×23″(0.58m) ×26″(0.66m)
Dimensions:88” x 43.5” x 23.75”
Portable dimensions:37” x 23” x 26”





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