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Portable waterproof metal detector walk through door frame

How to use a metal detector for security purposes.

A portable metal detector is perfect forsecurity purposes. It can be used on the open or closed doorways of homes, businesses, or other places where metal objects may be present.
The key to using a portable metal detector properly is to read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Many detectors have different settings and can be difficult to use if you are not familiar with the specific settings. The following tips will help you get started:
- Choose a detector that is easy to operate. Make sure the buttons are easy to press and that the Wilde/Sanders machine is comfortable to wear.
- Use caution when picking up objects large enough to constitute a threat. Picking up objects that are too small may not produce an alarm, but could lead to your being scratched or injured if it falls on you.
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Portable walk-through metal detector 

The Portable Waterproof Metal Detector is a small, portable metal detector that can detect the presence of metal in door frames, even if it's been painted or covered with carpet. It's great for detecting lost jewelry or keys that may have fallen under a bed, couch, or chair. It also works as a walk-through detector so you won't have to worry about scraping your shins on the door frame when entering your home.

The [product name] is a portable metal detector that can be used to search through door frames and other areas where metal is found.

This product is made with a waterproof cable that allows you to walk through door frames and other areas where metal is found. The product can also be used on other materials, such as wood, concrete, and even metal roofing.

The unit itself has two ports with separate buttons: one for power and one for volume control. This allows you to easily adjust the sensitivity level of the device based on your own needs.

This unit comes with a handy carrying case that will keep everything organized while you are out on the job site or in your yard at home!

Muti-detecting zones technology:

 8,16,24 detecting zones, it can be shifted and selected intelligent(more zones update technology can be supported) .

●Working frequency: Super range working frequency(0-120),and working environment adaptive function

●Sensitivity of detecting zone: Sensitivity of single detecting zone can reach 355 grade(adjustable).

●Mobile connect technology: Can be controlled by mobile APP.

●Super housing protection technology: IP67 excellent protection(selectivity)

● Self-adaption diagnosis system: When trun on,system will detect adaptively hardware working status.





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