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Pro Scan Conveyor Systems food grade metal detector

We're proud to offer a wide range of Conveyor Systems that can detect metal, metal particles, free fall, stainless steel, and more. Our systems are designed to detect food products, pipeline metal and contaminants, as well as ensure food safety in your production lines and automatic reject of pipeline systems.

Our inspection system will help you improve your product by ensuring that all of your products are free from contamination. With our latest development in technology, we have created an automatic reject unit that will allow you to quickly identify and remove any hazardous materials that may be present in your production process.
  • FSD-CW2010

  • vikingdetector

  • 8543709100

Industrial metal detector food grade 

The [FSD-cw2010] is a food grade metal detector that detects metal, metal particles and free fall. The unit is used in the food industry to inspect products during the production process and is also used in pipeline systems.

The [FSD-cw2010] has a wide range of applications. It can be used for inspection of all types of food products, such as dairy products, meat products and vegetables. Its use is also suitable for high-quality material processing lines such as stainless steel pipes and tubes, which can be located at any point on the production line.

The [FSD-cw2010] is also suitable for automatic reject of contaminated products by simply pressing a button. This ensures that only clean products are passed through the system and that waste materials are removed from production lines.

The main features of this product include:

- Automatic rejection of contaminated products by simply pressing a button

- A wide range of applications for inspecting different types of food products

- High-quality material processing lines such as stainless steel pipes and tubes

Conveyor system metal detector  Benefits:  

A.Can be used almost anywhere in the food processing line

B.Operates over a wide range of speeds to  accommodate a variety of food lines

C.100% stainless steel - stable construction and easy to clean

D.Different belt types and various ejection systems for every application

E.In-process and end-of-line metal contaminant protection to comply with IFS, BRC, HACCP, ISO 22000 requirements, etc





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