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Real time Walk-Through Thermal Temperature Scanner

Introducing the Walk-through Thermal Scanner, the perfect tool for fever detection.
  • LcD5215W-TI
  • vikingdetector

Thermal imaging pass gate (LcD5215W-TI)

Thermal imaging through the type of temperature measurement door, support non-contact type of temperature measurement, can avoid personnel stay, full-screen point of temperature measurement, automatically capture abnormal suspicious, can carry out data statistics.

Intelligent temperature measuring equipment is the company according to years of research and development experience and customer actual demand, market requirements carefully developed a set of "intelligent thermography thermometer", can quickly for fever symptoms in the crowd and warning, and accurately show the highest temperature value, can combine with face recognition system, judge personnel identity, strangers, forming personnel of fine management and suspected heat warning,.have in the wind.

technical parameter

1. Non-contact full-amplitude human temperature measurement: non-refrigeration full-type real-time high-sensitive thermal imaging, for long-distance non-contact temperature measurement of human surface temperature.

2. High temperature measurement frame frequency: the frame rate is up to 15Hz frame frequency, and the naked eye observation is close to real-time imaging.3. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.2℃.

4. Temperature measurement range: The system temperature measurement range is 20~50℃.

5. Multi-objective automatic measurement: The system provides real-time dynamic thermal image map, which can achieve multi-target automatic

Measurement, fast and accurate.

6. Automatic correction: The system is intelligent temperature camera, which can realize automatic correction of body surface temperature. 7.

8. Automatic face matching: visible light face photos and infrared face automatic matching, convenient for human eye recognition and traceability.

9. Real-time record: Real-time record of personnel and body temperature, suspected of fever personnel automatic warning.10. Face retrieval: It can connect with the superior platform to realize face retrieval, face database, capture database and tracking

The track of personnel, especially the track of suspected fever, quickly positioning.11. Statistical analysis: It can connect with the superior platform for abnormal traffic personnel, traffic data and body temperature

Personnel data and other global control, macro analysis and display.





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