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Security Scanning X-ray Baggage Scanner Machine

DONGGUAN VIKING is a leading manufacturer of baggage x-ray machines, screen systems, conveyor belts, and security x-ray machines. We offer a range of solutions to meet your needs. Our products include:

-Baggage X-Ray Machines

-Screen Systems

-Conveyor Belts

-Security X-Rays Machines

We are committed to providing the highest quality products at affordable prices. We are proud of our long history of providing quality products that meet or exceed industry standards. We have been in business since [year] and have always been dedicated to providing the best customer service possible.

High-Light x ray machine

* Accurate Z7.Z8,Z9 mark for explosives and drugs

* Partly zoom up 3 times
  • VX6040I

  • vikingdetector

  • 202211061

vx6040i x-ray baggage scanner machine

The vx6040i x-ray baggage scanner machine is a perfect solution for your security needs.

This machine is an energy-based, high-resolution system that provides for the detection and identification of metal objects, such as knives and firearms, within baggage or cargo containers. The system can be used in both large and small facilities.

dual energy x-rays to scan materials

The machine uses dual energy x-rays to scan materials, allowing it to detect even small metallic objects like keys while providing a clear image on a monitor screen. This allows workers at airports or ports to quickly identify any prohibited items before they are allowed through security checkpoints.

The machine has been designed with safety in mind; it is designed in such a way that no radiation passes through its exterior shell during operation, making it easy to clean after use or store safely away when not being used. It also contains no moving parts that could potentially break down over time like other models do; instead this unit uses rotating drum technology which helps ensure accuracy over time rather than relying solely on human judgment alone!

Technical characteristics

* Dual energy penetration system;

* A new radiation protection technology has been developed.

* TIP Program

* Clear, distinct image

* Scanned images can zoom up 32 times

* Integrated structure design, refinement appearance

Technical Data:

Size of tunnel

600*400mm (w*h)

Conveyor speed


Conveyor height


Max Load


Wire Resolution


Spatial resolution

vertical:diameter 1.0mm,horizontal:diameter 1.0mm


8mm steel panel


17inch,resolution 1280*1024

X Ray generator anode voltage


Cooling/operation cycle

Oil Cooling /100%

X ray Dose per inspection

<0.16 mSv

Image processing

Pseudo-color/black and white image, Negative image, High Penetration. Super-enhancement. Histogram equalization. Check back/forward. Automatic save image





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Dongguan Vking technology is a professional Large Scale manufacture of all types of Industrial metal detector, Security metal detector

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