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Security X-ray Airport Security Baggage Parcel Scanner machine

The X-ray Baggage Scanner is a machine that uses low levels of radiation to detect objects hidden in baggage, parcels, and freight. It can be used to screen passengers, as well as cargo and baggage. This is a very important tool in airport security systems.

X-ray technology has been used at airports for many years, but newer machines are smaller and faster than their predecessors. These new machines can also be used to scan larger items such as cars and trucks.

The X-ray Baggage Scanner (also known as an airport x ray machine) works by sending out a beam of high-energy electromagnetic waves that penetrate any object placed on its conveyor belt. This beam produces an image on a fluorescent screen that shows any objects hidden inside the baggage or parcel being scanned. The operator then reviews the images produced by the machine to determine whether they pose a threat to security or safety.
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Security X-ray Airport Security Baggage Parcel Scanner

The Security X-ray Airport Security Baggage Parcel Scanner is a must-have for airports and other security checkpoints. It can scan through baggage and parcels, allowing you to see what’s inside without having to open them up. This helps prevent threats from entering the premises and make it easy for you to check if anything dangerous is being brought in.

High resolution x ray airport scanner

The machine has a high resolution camera that will display a clear image of what is inside your bag or parcel in real time on the screen, so you don’t have to guess what might be there. It will even pick up smaller items such as keys or coins, so nothing goes unnoticed!

It also has a conveyor belt that moves at high speeds so your items don’t take too long to get scanned and processed. The scanning process only takes around three seconds per item, which means that this machine can handle hundreds of people passing through it every hour without slowing down!

Our X-ray Baggage Scanner is designed with the highest quality materials, and it's built to last.

We know that you're looking for a machine that meets your needs, so we make sure our machines are built to meet your requirements.

Our X-ray Baggage Scanner is ideal for airports, store security, shopping malls, hospitals and more! This machine can help you improve safety at your location and increase efficiency at the same time.

Generation Direction:  from bottom,from one side
Tube voltage: 100~160kV Adjustable
Tube current: 0.4~1.2 mA Adjustable
Cooling/ duty cycle: sealed oil / 100%
Generation angle: 80 °
X-ray leakage <0.1µGy/h





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