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Security airport door frame walk through archway metal detector gate

A walk through security gate, also known as a walk through metal detector, is a security system that gives you access to your airport terminal, but not before you are scanned. This type of security system is most commonly used at airports and train stations because it can detect metallic items that might be concealed on the body.

When you pass through a walk through metal detector, you will be screened with a handheld device that looks for any concealed items such as weapons or explosives. If anything is detected, an alarm will sound and you will have to pass through another scanner before being allowed to enter the terminal.
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The walk-through security gate is used to control access to the facility when someone passes through it. It requires that everyone who enters or leaves must pass through the gate before they can enter or leave the facility.

When someone passes through this type of gate, they will be required to remove their shoes and any other items which may interfere with the scanning process. They will also be asked to stand in front of a metal detector for a full body scan. The scanner will then print out an image of their body which can be used later on in case there are any discrepancies between what was scanned and what was seen on screen.

The body scanner will also be able to do facial recognition scans as well as taking pictures at different angles for identification purposes if needed during an investigation into employee misconduct or other incidents where there may be concern over false identities being used by others attempting to gain access into restricted areas without authorization."

Sensitivity Level: 255 grades(adjustable)

Distinct Sensitivity Level: 400 grades(adjustable)

Power consumption: <30 W

Sensitivity Grade: High, Middle, Low

Vertical Channel Size: 2000 x 710 mm

Vertical Dimension: 2200(H) x 860(W) x 500(D)mm

Working Frequency Range:1~16 bands

Working Voltage: AC 220V, 50~60 Hz

Working Environment Temperature:-20℃-+45℃

Pass through rate: Over 60 people per minute





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