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Security screening baggage inspection scanner machine

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security screening luggage scanner 
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Security screening baggage inspection scanner machine

The TSA is an organization that handles the screening of baggage at certain airports and other transportation hubs. The TSA uses a range of security measures, including security screenings, full body scanners, metal detectors, and X-ray machines.

Security Screens

Security screenings involve checking for explosives and narcotics in passengers' bags. These checks are conducted by TSA agents using metal detectors or hand-held devices that detect energy x rays. When passing through a security checkpoint, passengers can expect to be screened by a TSA agent using an explosive trace detection canine team or hand-held metal detector. The agents will also use other methods such as security screenings to identify passengers who may have concealed items on their person or in their luggage.

Full Body Scanners

Full body scanners are used by the TSA to determine whether passengers are carrying any potential weapons on them such as guns or knives. Full body scanners emit low levels of ionizing radiation which can be detected by security personnel at airports when searching for concealed items such as bombs or guns. Full body scanners also emit radio waves which can be used to detect possible explosives hidden inside individuals' bodies such as under clothes or shoes."

The TSA is not just about security. It's also about safety. And that's why you need to know what the TSA is looking for when they're screening your luggage, bags and personal belongings at the airport.

The TSA uses a variety of tools to screen for explosives and narcotics. These include:

-Full body scanners which can detect metal objects and organic materials.

-Metal detectors which can detect metal objects and explosives.

-Ray scanners which can detect explosives, narcotics or radiation.

-Ionizing radiation is used to check passengers' bodies for hidden weapons or explosives.

All of these machines require a person to stand still while they are being scanned in order to test their body's response to the rays being used by the machine's sensors.

Security screening machines are used by airport security to detect explosives and narcotics, as well as other items that could be dangerous or illegal. These machines use a variety of detection methods, including metal detectors, ray scanners, full body scanners, and millimeter wave scanners.

The machines are used in many airports around the world, including those in the United States. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uses these machines at airports across the country to ensure that all passengers have passed through security without any problems.

The security screening baggage scanner machine is a highly advanced piece of equipment that uses a series of millimeter wave radiation sources to detect any metallic objects or organic materials in your luggage. The machine's software can also detect explosives and narcotics, and it can read the contents of your laptop or other electronic device through the screen, so you never have to worry about someone hiding something in there.

The machine has been tested by TSA agents at airports around the world and has proven to be an effective security screening tool that prevents bombs or weapons from getting through airport security checkpoints.

Ray machines are a common type of security screening machine used in airports, trains, and other transportation hubs. They use electromagnetic waves to detect metallic objects such as weapons or explosives. The machines use high-energy x-rays to scan the body for any materials that might be hidden under clothing.

Ray scanners are used at some airports for security screening, but they're generally not used in train stations or other transportation hubs. These machines work by detecting the presence of metal objects inside an object being scanned.

The reason why ray scanners are not popular with other modes of transportation is because they can be intrusive and uncomfortable for passengers—especially children and elderly people—who may have sensitive skin or wear jewelry that could make them appear to be carrying metallic objects under their clothes.

Mechanical & physical specifications:

Required Specifications

Bidder's Response

Length without conveyor:








Tunnel opening:

about 1000mm x 800 mm

Conveyor capacity:

> 200 Kg

Conveyor speed:

about 0,2M/s

Operating temperature:

0°C to 40°C


10 to 90%, non-condensing

Operating noise level

Noise < 70 dB @ 1M

Duty Cycle

100% No warm up


Technology used

Dual view or
Real time tomography

Beam direction

diagonal / vertical

Generator anode voltage

> 120kV

Generator cooling

Liquid sealed circuit

Wire Resolution:  

> 37 AWG

Steel Penetration:  

> 27 mm

External dose rate

less than 0.2mR/h (2μSv/h)

Embedded computer processor


Embedded computer HD/ SSD capacity

over 1000 images

Monitor(s)  Size, Resolution, Number

2 x 21 inches HD

Image Specifications


4096 grey levels

Color density images

At least 4 colors

Image Enhancement functions

Reinforcement of shapes


Contrast variation and enhancement


Electronic zoom


Inversion black / white


Inversion organic/inorganic/metallic


Previous bags review facility


Search indicator threat marking


Date / hour dating of pictures


Auto diagnostic at power on


Density alarm


Capacity to upgrade for liquid detection


Power Source:

AC  input voltage power range

90 to 250 VAC
40 to 60 Hertz

Power consumption

P < 1.2 KVA

Embedded UPS


Capacity of the UPS


Duration of operation under UPS

30 minutes


Transport package Dimensions

L x l x H in mm

Transport Weight

in Kg

Type of packing

Carton/ wooden crate

Number of boxes


Accessories required


2x 500 mm entrance and exit


10 containers different sizes





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