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Sewing industrial broken needle metal detector

Sewing industrial broken needle metal detector

The Sewing Industrial Broken Needle Metal Detector is a textile detector that detects broken needles in textiles and other materials. The Sewing Industrial Broken Needle Metal Detector has a simple design and can be used by anyone. It has a long-life battery and the detection range is wide.
  • VFG-6010
  • vikingscan
  • 8543709100

Sewing industrial broken needle metal detector

Textile industry broken needle detector 

Broken needles can be found in many places, but the most common places are in textile factories. These needles are used for sewing and also for other functions like threading machines. If you are working in any such place, it is important to know that there is a risk of getting infected by this kind of needle. This can lead to an infection which may not be easy to treat and may cause severe complications.

You should be aware of the presence of broken needles so that you do not get infected with them. The best way to do this is by using a sewing industrial broken needle metal detector machine. This machine will help you find out if there is any such needle present in your workplace or not. It will detect the presence of such needles through its sensors and provide information about them on display screen which can then be printed out so that it can be shared with other people concerned about this matter

General features of broken needle detector 

  1. Cycled,9 pairs of sensor, excellent anti-disturbance performance.

      2.Based on LED bar display control panel.

      3 .High accuracy detection locating technology,LED indication.

      4.Level setup indication and real-time sensitivity display.

      5.Optional conveying mode after alarm.

      6.Optional automatically restart.

      7.Reliability mechanical frame design,high stable during detection.

      8.Reliability mechanical AC power supply, switch power supply.

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