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Small Aperture conveyor tunnel industrial food grade Metal Detectors

Small apertures conveyor tunnels are used in the food industry to detect metal objects. The small aperture is ideal for detecting metal particles and free fall, the large aperture can detect stainless steel and metal contamination.

The small aperture conveyor tunnel can detect pipeline metal, food products, and pipeline metal in food safety applications. It can also be used as an inspection system in the food industry. The large aperture conduit tunnels can be used to inspect product effects within the production process of a wide range of products including meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products and more.
  • VDF-2010

  • vikingscan

  • 8543709100

Small Aperture Conveyor Tunnel metal detector 

Small Aperture Conveyor Tunnel Industrial Food Grade Metal Detectors are a great solution for metal detecting in the food industry. They are ideal for use on production lines and inspection systems, as well as in other industrial settings.

The small aperture of this detector means it can detect metal particles as small as 1 micron, which is larger than most other detectors on the market today. It also offers a wide range of detection capabilities, including free fall and stainless steel detection.

metal detector with automatic rejects 

This device offers automatic rejects, which means you don't need to worry about manually rejecting items that contain metal contamination. If an item contains a large amount of metal, it will be automatically rejected by the device; however, if an item has no metal at all, you won't have to manually reject it either—it will just pass through undetected! This makes it an ideal choice for any production line or inspection system where there isn't enough time to inspect each piece individually before moving onto the next item in line.

general features 

Self-frequency adjustment .Enjoys a variety of operating frequency, According to products style self automatic adjustment.stable features.

     self-learning function and high sensitivity.can recognize different kinds of products.

 Can store and records about 100 product parameter data .easy for different production line shift

     Can according to customer production line design the belt height so achieve butt-joint to

other equipment

Two digital collection line keeps it good performance .

 Full Digital touch screen help it is easy to operate .

 Special design for strong anti-interference function for  harsh production environment

 High standard shake-proof .water-proof keep it super performance and long service life.

 Improve design keep it Zero wrong alarm when tap the probe.

 succinctly detachable framework design let it  easy for the operators to clean the equipment.





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