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Sound and light alarm Security Arch Walk Through Metal Detector Door

Looking for a backyard metal detector that can detect all sorts of metals, like aluminum and brass? Look no further than our selection of top 100 sensitivity level walk through metal detectors.

  • VW-6S
  • vikingscan
  • 8543709100

Technical parameters

External power supply: standard AC220V/50Hz

Power consumption: ≤30W Working environment: -20℃—+45℃

Total weight of transportation: about 80kg Overall weight: about 70kg

Dimensions: (mm) 2220 (height) x 820 (width) x 550 (deep)

Channel size: (mm) 2020 (height) x 700 (width) x 550 (depth)

Performance and characteristics

Display panel: Use super bright LED display.

Walk through metal detector is the perfect way to test your detectors!

 Not only do you get to enjoy the thrilling experience of detecting valuable metals, 

but also know that you’re keeping your detector up and running safely. 

With a walk through metal detector, you can be sure that all of your alarms 

are set and functioning properly.accurately indicate the position of the inspected item, 

and has audible and visual synchronous alarm, which is clear at a glance and greatly improves work efficiency.

Area sensitivity is adjustable: the highest sensitivity can detect metal of paper clip size.

 Each detection area has 100 sensitivity levels, and the overall sensitivity is 100 levels adjustable.

Unique wide environment adaptation technology, can realize pre-set the sensitivity of 

any WTMD and can be applied to the detection of paper clips, also can only detect ultra-large tools and prohibited items.

The unique left-right balance technology completely eliminates the problem 

of inconsistent detection caused by the uneven detection of the left and right door panels.

Each independent area can adjust the sensitivity by itself, pre-set the weight,

 volume, size, position of the metal objects, remove false alarms such as coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckles, etc.

Strong anti-interference ability: Special digital and analog mixed circuit design, 

anti-missing report, strong anti-interference ability, and false alarm rate controlled within 1%.

Password protection: password protection, only authorized personnel are allowed to operate.

Counting statistics function: The intelligent eight-bit flow and alarm counter can count the personnel throughput and alarm times.

Harmless to human body: Harmless to heart pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic 

floppy disks, magnetic tapes, video tapes, etc. in the human body.

Easy installation: The viking series is an integrated design, which can be installed or disassembled in just 10 minutes. The installation and operation instructions are provided.

Field of use:

Passage security inspection and prohibited items inspection in airports, various venues, large-scale events, stations, docks, entertainment venues, prisons, courts, important government departments, factories, examination rooms, shopping malls, and communities.





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Dongguan Vking technology is a professional Large Scale manufacture of all types of Industrial metal detector, Security metal detector

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