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Sport events use hand held super wand metal detector

Metal detectors are a great way to find objects that are hidden in the ground. These detectors are handheld and are used in sports stadiums and other places where people gather.

The super wand metal detector is a hand held device that works by detecting metal objects buried in the ground. This detector has multiple modes of operation including walk-through and surface detection. This device is great for any event where you need to check for concealed metal objects.

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hand held super wand metal detector

Whether you're a sports fan or not, you've probably heard of the hand-held metal detector.

But how does it work? What are the different kinds of detectors, and how can they be used in sports events? We'll give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about these handy devices.

What Is a Hand-Held Metal Detector?

A hand-held metal detector is a device that detects metallic objects such as guns or knives. These machines have been used for decades by law enforcement officers and security officials to search for weapons in airports, schools, and other public places.

Today, however, hand-held metal detectors are used by sports fans at stadiums and other sporting events to see if any weapons are concealed in their clothes. If a weapon is detected by the machine's sensors, fans may be asked to remove their clothing for inspection before being allowed back into the venue.

Types of Hand-Held Metal Detectors

There are several kinds of hand-held metal detectors available on the market today:

Detection distance:

1. Pin: 0 ~ 2 cm

2. Blade: 0 ~6 cm

3. Plastic lighter: 0 ~4 cm

4. Mobile phone: 0 ~ 15 cm

5. Pistol

6. Cigarette (full box)

 security metal detector 

 super wand metal detector

Technical parameter


Color: Grey

Materials: Shock-resistant, impact-resistant ABS plastic

Radiation magnetic induction: 0.4 μT

Sound of alarm: 75.6 dB

Frequency: About 25 KHz

Size: 403 ( L) x 118 ( W) x 35 ( H) mm

Power: Standard 6F22 9V alkaline or rechargeable battery

Net weight: 357 g ( Without battery)

Operating temperature: -20℃ + 55 ℃






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