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Sport events use hand held super wand metal detector

1. Comply with Ergonomic design

2. Beautiful fan-shaped detection shape, detection sensitivity reaches the standard of international A-level

3. It meets the general technical specifications for GB 12899-2003 hand-held metal detectors

4. Detection the Ferrous and Non-ferrous are easy by uniform detection of magnetic field

5. Two kinds of alarm mode: LED alarm light or Vibration alarm

6. Infinite pole sensitivity adjustment, can adapt to different testing requirements

7. Equip with under voltage indicator / charging indicator

8. With external charging jack

  • V008
  • other
  • 8543709100

Detection distance:

1. Pin: 0 ~ 2 cm

2. Blade: 0 ~6 cm

3. Plastic lighter: 0 ~4 cm

4. Mobile phone: 0 ~ 15 cm

5. Pistol

6. Cigarette (full box)

 security metal detector 

 super wand metal detector

Technical parameter


Color: Grey

Materials: Shock-resistant, impact-resistant ABS plastic

Radiation magnetic induction: 0.4 μT

Sound of alarm: 75.6 dB

Frequency: About 25 KHz

Size: 403 ( L) x 118 ( W) x 35 ( H) mm

Power: Standard 6F22 9V alkaline or rechargeable battery

Net weight: 357 g ( Without battery)

Operating temperature: -20℃ + 55 ℃






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