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The difference of linear scan UVSS and Area scan UVSS ?

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Nowways Under vehicle survelliance from DongGuan Viking technology co;ltd can be devied two work principle :

One is Liner scan under vehicle survelliance system which takes of the liner scan camera . 

The other one is Area scan under vehicle survelliance system which tkes of area scan camera 

Compare two kinds of camera the difference :

A linear camera is a camera using a linear image sensor. It presents a linear shape. 

Although it is also a two-dimensional image, it is very long, with a length of several K,

 but a width of only a few pixels. Generally, this camera is only used in two cases: first, the field of view of the object to be measured is a thin strip, 

which is mostly used for detection on the roller. 2、 A very large field of view or a very high accuracy is required

Area array camera is a kind of camera that can acquire images at one time and collect images in time. 

It has a wide range of applications, such as area, shape, size, position, and even temperature measurement. 

This camera can quickly and accurately obtain two-dimensional image information, and has a very intuitive measurement image.

Now viking detection UVSS(Under vehicle survelliance system ) have this two optional camera 

If you need fast speed of car or trucks capacity . You can consider liner scanner uvss 

If you need a real pictures of cars or trucks under vehicle .The Area scan is ths best choose 


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