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The types of needle detector

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When we consider choose a needle detector .Do you know how many types of needle detector ?

what is the difference types of needle detector ?

DongGuan Viking needle detector can listed into Four types :

Conveyor needle detector 

The Conveyer Type Needle Detector is a free standing digital Needle Detector with conveyor. Instrument accepts non-metals and all approved non-ferrous zips and poppers and will reject any ferrous or nickel contamination, typically staples and needle fragments equivalent to 1.0 mm ferrous sphere. The unit has a belt speed of approximately 20 m/minute (50 Hz) or 24 m/minute (60 Hz) and an aperture size of 100 mm height. In case of a reject, the belt will stop with an audible alarm and signal light is activated. Instrument has full digital controls.

Flat table needle detector 

The Flat Bed Needle Detector can detects the broken needles in sewn items placed on the flat detecting surfa

Hand held needle detector 

The Portable Needle Detector easily detects the exact position of needle contamination in rejected garments to allow recycling. LED/Audible warning available.

X ray needle detector 

The x ray needle detector can see from the screen from operation see which position the borken needles lost

Then can find a better way to avoid this needle broken risk




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