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Touch screen portable 33 Zone DFMD security metal detector gate

The Viking 33 Zone security metal detector

The viking 33 Zone security metal detector is a portable, battery-powered metal detector that can be used to detect potential threats to your home or business. The 33 Zone security metal detector can be placed anywhere in your property—including on door frames, fences, or gates—to detect any object that has been made of metal. If an object is detected by the 33 Zone security metal detector, a loud alarm will sound and an LED light will flash red.
  • VMP-9000E
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  • 8543709100

A door frame metal detector is a great way to keep your home safe and secure.

The 33 Zone viboo portable metal detector gate is a great choice for those who have a big family or live in an area with lots of traffic.

It's easy to use, and it's incredibly simple to install--just remove the protective cover from your old door frame, mount the 33 Zone viboo on top, and you're ready to go!

Portable walk through metal detector as one portable and high performance metal detector can be movable,waterproof and portable. It can be taken to any where by one person and ca be installed in five minutes to work. This model can be used in gym,conference hall,school. And it be operated easily no need more training.

This model obtained surface patent and software system registration property. This model detectct metals by electromagnet and alarmed by sound and light if metals overload. It contains CPU,generator,signal receiver, infrared ray sensor. Beautiful surface,strong detecting,more detecting zones,internet remote control management system and waterproof. It can be separated eight parts for better taken and transferred. It’s leader of portable walk through metal detector in the market.





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