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Tunnel belt conveyor ferrous needle detector for pillow

Needle Metal Detector for Pillow

A needle metal detector is a device used to detect the presence of ferrous metals, such as needles, in the textile material. It is used for screening textiles for sewing machine needles or other ferrous objects.

The needle metal detector has a series of sensors that are positioned at various locations on the textile material and detect the presence of any ferrous objects. The signal produced by these sensors is processed by a computerized control system, which sends an alarm signal to notify operators when they need to change their position.
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Needle Metal Detector

Needle metal detector is the most common and widely used type of textile metal detector. The needle metal detector is a kind of electromagnetic inductive probe. The principle of the needle metal detector is based on the principle of induction. When a current is passed through an electromagnet, it induces a magnetic field in its vicinity. This induced magnetic field will attract metal objects. The needle metal detector works on the same principle as that of a bar magnet by using a solenoid coil to generate an electromagnetic field. It is mainly used for detecting ferrous metals such as iron, steel, copper etc.; non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass etc.; non-metallic materials such as plastic, rubber etc.; and non-conductive materials such as leather, paper etc..

Needle metal detector machine

The tunnel belt conveyor is used for the automatic detection and sorting of metallic needles. The tunnel belt conveyor can be used for many different applications and is also useful for sorting other types of materials. The tunnel belt conveyor consists of a series of rollers that move along a track, allowing them to pass through one another. As the rollers move, they engage a sensor that detects any foreign objects that may have been deposited on them by the material being passed through them.

The tunnel belt conveyor can detect needle-like objects up to 1 mm in length with a resolution of 0.1 mm and an electrical capacity of 1 ampere per meter.[1] This makes it possible to detect small quantities of metal, such as needles, without requiring complex analysis or expensive equipment.[2]

Detecting method

Magnetic induction

Detecting width


Detecting height


Detecting ability

Fe 1.5mm iron ball

Alarm method


Belt speed


Power supply

AC220V,50Hz or AC110V 60Hz

Rated output









Alarm lamp,printer,administration authority

needle detector machine





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