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VMS-6550D Dual View X-ray security inspection equipment

The VMS-6550D (Dual View) medium-sized tunnel X-ray machine has been certified by the Ministry of Public Security, with leading international performance parameters. It can penetrate 43mm thick steel plates and has a line resolution of 0.0787mm for a single solid copper wire (40AWG), featuring one-touch power on/off and energy-saving characteristics. It has advanced material recognition capabilities, which can distinguish between organic, inorganic, and mixed materials based on the effective atomic number of the object being inspected, assigning different colors to aid operators in image identification and judgment.
The machine uses two independent X-ray source inspection systems to simultaneously collect image data from horizontal and vertical directions. Even if the object being inspected is placed at any angle, it can output a three-dimensional outline of the object, effectively distinguishing the shape of the object and solving issues such as missed and false inspections caused by obstructions.
Mainly used to detect hidden prohibited items and flammable and explosive materials in medium and small-sized goods, packages, mail, and luggage, such as controlled knives, firearms, fireworks, alcohol, ethanol, gasoline, sulfuric acid, etc.
  • VMS-6550D


Dual View X-ray security scanner inspection machine equipment

Performance Features

· Clear image with a line resolution of 0.0787mm (40AWG) and a penetration power of 46mm steel plate.

· Equipped with high-end quality brands such as the British imported Sens-Tech acquisition system, Japanese Hamamatsu original detectors, and dual digital X-ray sources, ensuring stable quality and performance, representing the highest configuration in China.

· Features a 17-inch 1280*1024 high-resolution LCD display for clearer images.

· Extremely low radiation leakage dose rate, with the radiation dose rate around the equipment close to the natural background level, meeting international and domestic health and safety standards.

· Color/monochrome image switching, organic and inorganic material rejection, for easy differentiation of object types.

· Multiple image processing functions such as super enhancement, local enhancement, high penetration, low penetration, brightness increase, darkness decrease, gray sweep, magnification, and reduction, further increasing image clarity, and the ability to restore the initial image display with one click.

· Provides an automatic sensing function for energy-saving and convenience in operation.

· Offers a dangerous goods image insertion function (TIP function) for training and assessment of operators' image recognition abilities.

· Designed according to ergonomic principles, with a dedicated keyboard, image display, and human-computer interaction interface, effectively improving the simplicity of equipment use.

· Supports image saving function, which can be saved to USB storage devices and supports ".bmp", ".jpg", ".gif", ".png" image formats.

· Adopts a modular design, with each module handling different tasks, facilitating fault detection and maintenance.

· Unique anti-crushing hand design under the conveyor belt at the channel entrance and exit, on both sides of the channel, and on the loading rack, ensuring safety and reliability.

· Four corner indicator lights display the working status of the device from all angles, with a simple and beautiful appearance.

· Surface diamond pattern printing, more resistant to cutting and scratching during use; 3mm thickness is more resistant to stretching and deformation; surface static treatment, less likely to be contaminated during use.

· Made of national standard 304 stainless steel, 2-3mm national cold-rolled plate, and square tube steel, integrating advanced technology, with a stable and sturdy structure, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, and cable damage prevention.

· The noise of the equipment at any point within 1m of the outer surface does not exceed 58dB(A).

Technical Specifications

General Specifications

Channel dimensions


Conveyor belt speed


Maximum load


Line resolution

Bottom view: Φ0.0787mm

Side view: Φ0.0787mm

Penetration resolution

Bottom view: Φ0.127mm

Side view: Φ0.127mm

Spatial resolution

Bottom view: Horizontal: Φ1.0mm, Vertical: Φ1.0mm

Side view: Horizontal: Φ1.0mm, Vertical: Φ1.0mm

Penetration power

Bottom view: 46mm

Side view: 46mm

X-ray Generator

Digital interface

Tube voltage: 80-160KV (adjustable), current: 0.3-1.2mA (adjustable)

Cooling/Working cycle

Sealed oil cooling/100%

Image Processing System

Image Enhancement Functions

Color/Black, Organic Material Rejection, Inorganic Material Rejection, Super Enhancement, Local Enhancement, High Penetration, Low Penetration, Brightness Increase, Darkness Decrease, Gray Sweep, Inversion, Magnification, Pseudocolor, Organic Material Enhancement, Suspicious Item Alarm Marking, Edge Enhancement Processing

Zoom In/Out and Local Zoom

Image zoom (2~64 times arbitrary scaling); supports local zoom function

Image Stitching Function

When the image is not fully generated, the conveyor belt is paused. Upon restarting the conveyor belt, the ungenerated image can be stitched with the already generated image to form a complete image.

Image Recognition Training Function

Without starting the conveyor belt, saved images can be continuously scrolled on the screen.

Safety and Environmental Design

Single check dose


Radiation leakage dose rate


Environmental Design

Double-layer staggered arrangement of 0.35mm lead equivalent lead curtains, with ultra-thick 2-5mm lead plates to ensure the equipment's safety and reliability.

System Functions

Self-check upon startup, multi-level user management, image management, TIP management, curve diagnosis, keyboard diagnosis, device information inquiry, multi-format image export, OSD operation function, remote operation software, one-click shutdown, ultra-thin object detection function, bidirectional detection function, custom combination keys, timing and counting functions, face recognition function, people flow statistics function, X-ray generator monitoring function.

Installation Data

Overall dimensions


Working voltage

220VAC(±10%) 50/±3HZ

Power consumption






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