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Viking detection walk through door 6 Zone walk through gate

walk through door metal detector 
security metal detector gate 
walk through gate metal detector 
  • vikingcv-6D
  • vikingdetector
  1. Improved digital and analog circuit design to insure the test is more stable and Product Functions :
    3.Very light LED in the front of door for displaying the area of metal detected 2.Using high quality and special materials , reliable
    4.Sound and light alarm at the same time , the volume of alarm is adjustable
    5.Sensitivity of very area can be adjusted independently 8.Improved loop to reduce interference to eliminate blind spots
    6.Intelligent traffic and the alarm counter
    9.Based on the operating system of digital information processing technology
    10.Adjustable digital frequencies to enable multiple security doors work at the same time
    。1.Alarm way : Audio Alert , and LEDLocation lamp work at same time . Product Parameters :
    2.Detection Zone :6zone3.Display ways :8 status led display
    4.Sensitivity:0-99 adjustable
    6.Display way : Two LED door sides alarm light
    9.Power suppy :AC220/50Hz10.Power Consumption : Less 35W
    11.Operation Temperature :-100 to +450
    12.. Tunnel Size :200()*70( W )*56( H ) cm
    13.Dimension:222()*82( W )*67( H ) cm
    14.Nel Weight :55kg/ sel 16.Package Size : Main Body :230*72*25cm(2 piece / carton )
    15.Gross Weight :65.5kg/ set
    . Host Machine :78*47*28cm(1 piece / carton )

    walk through door meta l detector





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